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“Seven Gates Where Angels Fall – Order of the isle.” The complete first full episode has been Released.

The final full version of Episode 1 is released and ready to watch.  I combined the new edited version of part 1 to this episode instead of releasing an edited part 1 and then part 2. This was done due to some rearrangement of scenes and dialogue changes made to the flow of the script that I felt made more sense all as one combined episode.

I learned a lot during this process and hope that it will show in episode 2. I feel that its noticeable through the first episode from beginning to end, which I feel met the goal of this being a project about learning . I also feel that it shows others its the experience of creating that matters to me. The process of taking my writing from novels to animation was a learning curve to say the least. Since I taught myself animation and studied as I worked, I found I learned a lot, so much that I cannot wait to dive into episode 2. Was it the best idea to self teach myself animation and take on a large project like this at the same time? Probably not, however for me that is  the only way I can learn and stay focused and motivated.

Many in the cast may wonder where a few scenes went. The scenes have just been moved to the beginning of Episode 2, after a few reviews of the story’s flow they seemed more appropriate at the beginning of the second episode then the ending of the first.I really want to extend a huge offering of thanks to the cast, they are awesome and extremely talented and could not have done this without their contributions. I also want to thank Dale and Alan for allowing me to use their music in this project I hope it does there amazing talent justice.


The look and feel of the final episode was done in an attempt to give the series it’s own feel and tone. It’s a matter of debate if I accomplished that or not. I have had lots of feedback and suggestions since the release of part 1. I worked through all of the suggestions and ideas and tried to make the needed corrections. I am also aware that somethings are a matter of personal preference and tastes. It’s my hope that everyone enjoys the episode and finds something they can take away from it.



Seven Gates Where Angels Fall Production update 11

No I did not die or get abducted by aliens… Yet.  The holidays and a few other personal issues have side tracked me a bit from staying on top of the updates. However I have been working on the animations everyday as much as possible.

Production is moving along and I have made some progress towards finishing the first episode. I’ll be honest in saying that I didn’t think that some of the production would take this long. The good part is I learned a lot and have been able to change my work flow in the process. The following episodes and final portion of this episode should go a lot faster now.


I knew when starting this project it was going to be a challenge and a huge learning experience. I was aware of many of the large learning curves I had to over come as well as the hurdles that would present themselves along the way. Through it all I have noted my mistakes and taken advice and even criticism and done my best to adjust and correct accordingly.


If I had to give anyone advice in regards to a project like this it would be simple, just finish. Trying to be perfect and get everything 100 percent right will do nothing but frustrate you and prevent you from moving forward. We learn by completion and doing. Completing a project allows us to learn and adapt, our art and creative expression grows not by focusing on the small details but by working towards a goal and expressing our ideas. Each completed project will be better than the previous one and you will learn as you go.

So for now that’s the update. Have a great holiday season and Merry Christmas.



Production Update #10 – Seven Gates Where Angels Fall (plus sneak peek)

It’s that time again and this time we will get a sneak peek at the what’s coming next in the completed first episode. As many may already know, Seven gates where angels fall is based on the book of Enoch.  The information and story told in the book of Enoch has been taken and expanded upon to tell a story in a new and different way.

The sneak peek is a narrated portion of the episode which tells a portion of the story directly from the book of Enoch. The sleeping prophet, known as Nathan is dreaming and being given insight into the book of Enoch. Nathan is our narrator/prophet in the series who gives us insight through out the series, specifically into the book of Enoch and how it ties into the story being told.

There is still some coloring and editing to be done so its basically a rough draft sneak peek.


Production has moved along since the last update and I am working on the the final half of the episode. Which I believe is the final 10 to 15 minutes of the episode, I think. I haven’t actually timed it out but based on the script that should be about close.

The programs that I have been using are as follow :  Iclone 7, Daz3d, Hitfilm Express 2017. I was trying to use a few others earlier on but found that these three have the best work flow for me. I do also use Audio Director 7 for audio creation, but that doesn’t play as large a role as the other three. The reason I brought this up was to spotlight an important aspect of animation and project planning, and that is workflow. Work flow is important to speed of your work and the project as well as the productive use of time. The last thing you want to do is waste time doing the same thing over and over again in different programs. I believe that is the definition of insanity. I’ve been accused of being insane and I rather not make that accusation stick to much.





Production update #9 – Seven Gates Where Angels fall.

malikorbLots of work has been done since the last update. Two entire sequences finished that are crucial to the feel of the episode and the series. I’m currently editing and refining those sequences at the moment. The overall edits are done on the first part of episode 1. The second part of the episode is about halfway done and moving along.

I hope to have the episode finished soon and that all the improvements and changes that people have suggested are seen and received well. The main idea is and always has been the learning and giving those who have given their time and talent something to showcase.

The learning is an ongoing process.  Reallusion  has released a new version along with a new curve editor, both have opened up new options and tools to decrease the time it takes to get things finished and polished. So lots of new things to learn and apply.

I have learned to just keep going and implement the new skills and tools as I go. The urge to go back and redo somethings is always there, but I know it will hinder progress so I press on and work with a focus on getting this episode completed and released soon.

So to make this update short and sweet I’m going to simply post a series of shots from the current work.





Production Update #8 – Seven Gates Where Angels Fall

shadow entrance

I’m a tad bit late on this update. Alright I’ll admit it I’m really late on this update, however that just means there is more to talk about.

Episode one full completed version ( Part 1 and Part 2) is well under way. All the edits to part 1 are completed. Those edits being the suggestions and corrections that were given to me in response to part one. As I have said before I appreciate everyone ones input and have tried to respond as best I can. My intent with the new edits was to improve the final completed episode with as much polish as possible.

I know it seems as if I am taking forever to complete this episode and I apologize for that. I just want this project to show the progress and work that is involved and hopefully help others learn from my mistakes and fumbles along the way.


The biggest challenge is finding the right balance between what you want to do and what you can do. What I mean by that is when you write there is no limit to what you can put down on paper, but when you transfer that to the animation realm things change. You can do what ever you want in animation as well, as long as you know how to.  The only thing holding you back is your ability and to some extent the tools you are using. This is why the learning process is one of the things I have been trying to highlight through out this project.

Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something. I’ve seen it to many times, so called “professionals” or experts online, instantly tearing down people who try to do something. Prove them wrong and do it, rise above and improve your abilities and skills and become whatever it is you want to be. No one can tell you what you can or can not do.  It’s all about learning from your mistakes, building on your strengths and expanding your ability. This entire project is about doing exactly that.


So with all that out of the way, on to what has been accomplished. As I said the new edits have been done. I’ll highlight a few here. The portal effect for the shifter demon has been redone and edited to fit into the look and feel of the sequence better. Some pauses between dialogue along with unnecessary poses have been removed, usually before or after  dialogue. The timing between camera transitions has also been edited. The sound track has been adjusted to accommodate the changes.

The addition of  part 2 of the episode forced me to make a few changes to the overall episode as far as where certain sequences should happen. This was because I felt it made more sense for the flow and overall feel of the episode. So the complete episode part 1 and part 2 combined will be released next as soon as I’m finish. Actual date will be posted as to when I will be releasing the full episode.


Production Update #7 – Seven Gates Where Angels Fall.



I want to start this post off with thanking everyone for the responses to the first part of Episode 1.   I started teaching myself animation in April and learned fast that their is a lot more to it than just creating the “story”. As with any other art form, there are lots of little nuances that one needs to keep in mind.

The roles you end up  playing are numerous.  You are the producer, editor, screenwriter as well as the sound engineer and animator and so on. A large scale production company with a large budget would have several people doing these individual roles. I’m not complaining at all, mind you. I’m just pointing out many of the things I was aware of but not fully aware of the complexity of each role.

With all that said I have taken the suggestions offered by many people and will do my best to incorporate them and make sure I pay attention to them moving forward. Part two is in the works and once that is finished I will post it along with a combined version of both parts into one episode.


The learning process is part of the journey and I appreciate each and every person that has joined me on this adventure.  The goal is the same, move the story and the presentation forward, progressing with each step. Learning and improving so that when looking back the progress can be seen.

So now to the what was learned part of the production post. Lots of technical things for sure as well as a need to look at fine details. It’s easy to not notice little mistakes or oversights when you are working on a large project like this. You are thinking and creating one thing while at the same time trying to look forward to what comes next. You are trying to do something new and different but at the same time want to make sure you are following what is familiar for the audience. I’m not sure if that makes sense but there it is.

Basically, remember that when you create something not everyone will like every aspect of it or see it as you do. That is human nature, I don’t like certain types of movies or tv shows, just like the next person. So when you create something and work on your own projects keep in mind you have a target audience as well as the worse critic in the world sitting next to you, yourself.


The two included work in progress screen shots are from the  upcoming episode 1 part 2.


Episode 1 Part 1 – Audio fix update

There was a audio issue with the video that was causing the second half volume to drop. I have since fixed and re posted updated version. You tube doesn’t let you update directly so it created a new link… Which I posted above.

Sorry about the sound issue, we can put that in the live and learn category. This project was designed to be a journey and so it is. I’ll add this to the lesson learned portion of the production process. Basically I need to fire the sound guy…. um wait that’s me.