The Afallon Saga:

-Flashpoint & Incursion-

A new novel series that takes you down a path of infinite questions. It’s a story of hope and a demonstration of the human spirit. It asks you to question everything you have ever known and believed.

What if we are not alone in the universe?

What if we have lived our lives under a false precept?

What if there was a better way to live and exist?

What if we had listened to those that warned us?

Humanity needs to change. We need to stop pointing the finger at others and change ourselves. If we don’t it will only get worse. Our fears will become a reality and we will only have ourselves to blame.

afallon fleet covers

In a dystopian future, the world is under alien occupation. One man’s message has kept hope alive. It has become a rallying cry to “hold on through the long dark night”. Humanity has continued to fight back, holding on to an ideal and a dream. Those they once called “radicals” for their “wild” conspiracy theories have now become the unsung heroes and fallen prophets. The truth has been revealed. While the dawn of a new age arrives a new threat has caused the lines of dissension to be redrawn.

What does the word Afallon mean?

It’s a welsh word, afall meaning apple. It  has also been one of the root words used for the word Avalon. In Arthurian legend it is the land where King Arthur went after being mortally wounded. His sword Excalibur was rumored to have been forged there as well. It is considered a paradise, a land of rest and peace.

Afallon is the ideal place of rest and peace.

How does that tie into the novel series and its use as a title?

The place of rest and peace. The goal that is driving humanity forward during the dark night that they are facing. It is the promised land, a new future and way of being.



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He tapped the hidden screen on his desk and entered in a series of codes once the screen flashed to life.

“Hello Overseer Talidan. How may I help you today?” The computers voice asked in a soft lifeless monotone.

“Resume last Israel recording indexed from this console audio only.”  Talidan sat back and listened as the computer resumed.

“The world doesn’t end, it only starts over. That’s the first lesson we learned when the war ended.  We all looked to the skies thinking the end had come. We had been told it was coming by those who claimed they knew the mind of God.  However,God in his infinite wisdom knew better. Just like a lump of coal is transformed into a diamond over time by pressure and heat, we are transformed in the same manner. Our trials and sufferings they refine us. The darkness we see all round us is not to be feared but endured and embraced. The day is coming when all wrongs will be righted and our tears wiped away. It’s for our own good that we endure such things, for we are molded and made new with each trial. Our hope is made stronger with each tear and each painful moment. We know that in the end the darkness will fade as the light of a new day dawns…”

The recording paused and the computer’s monotone voice interrupted.

“Incoming: priority one call.”

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