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Production update #9 – Seven Gates Where Angels fall.

malikorbLots of work has been done since the last update. Two entire sequences finished that are crucial to the feel of the episode and the series. I’m currently editing and refining those sequences at the moment. The overall edits are done on the first part of episode 1. The second part of the episode is about halfway done and moving along.

I hope to have the episode finished soon and that all the improvements and changes that people have suggested are seen and received well. The main idea is and always has been the learning and giving those who have given their time and talent something to showcase.

The learning is an ongoing process.  Reallusion  has released a new version along with a new curve editor, both have opened up new options and tools to decrease the time it takes to get things finished and polished. So lots of new things to learn and apply.

I have learned to just keep going and implement the new skills and tools as I go. The urge to go back and redo somethings is always there, but I know it will hinder progress so I press on and work with a focus on getting this episode completed and released soon.

So to make this update short and sweet I’m going to simply post a series of shots from the current work.






Episode 1 – Part 1 – Seven Gates Where Angels Fall.


As I mentioned last time, each episode is going to be released in parts,  ten to fifteen minute shorts. So the first part of episode 1 is ready,  or as ready as I could make it. I hope everyone enjoys and keeps in mind that its just the first half of an episode and not the whole episode. I would also recommend watching through the entire ending credits.

The worse part was waiting for the video to upload. I guess there is no turning back now.


Production update #4 opening credits (rough edit) released- Seven Gates where angels fall



Well, the fourth production update is here. It’s a tad bit later than usual and for good reason! Lot’s of things to talk about and to show. The opening credits(rough edit) has been posted and is available to view. The song in the opening credits is “Torment” by the world will burn of course 🙂 . IT’s a rough edit at the moment have to still adjust some color grading etc, but I wanted to share the progress.

Production continues on episode 1 “Order of the Isle” and the scripts for Episode 2 “Dawn of the fallen” have gone out. A secondary script with narration lines has also gone out. The  narration lines were added recently to the first and second episode. I felt they where needed to fill in some gaps in episode one and round out episode two. They focus on the passages from the book of Enoch that have been used and referenced in the story. The second reason is to allow for additional animations and story telling.

The overall concept of weaving the story, the music and the narration into one piece is my goal. The characters tell the story, the music tells the story of the characters, and the narration bridges the gaps. The narrator will be announced next week.


One of the goals of the project was and is to show the progression of improvements throughout the process. After the script for episode 2 was finalized I felt that the goal was being met, in the sense that episode 2 is a better episode than one in my mind. The good part about this is they are just two halves of the same story. So the progression is right on track, each episode better than the last and hopefully the larger story grows.


Staying on task is my main concern, and I have been trying to resist the redo this part tendencies that I have. I can say I have only redone a few parts for reasons that were legitimate, like mistakes or glitches or ending an animation to soon etc. This seems to happen more in the editing phase when I’m editing I notice things, sometimes I can cut them or transition them in edits but not always. So the key is multi tasking the process. Iclone may be rendering out while I’m editing in Hit film Express and on another PC reviewing ideas in Daz 3d. Set design or model and character design.

One topic I wanted to touch on and this maybe a bit boring for some but those who are working on similar projects and using the same software may find this helpful. I have found that creating sets in both Daz and Iclone has saved me tons of time. An example is is I have a scene that needs walls and streets and trees, I do it in iclone and add elements from daz to fill out the scene. If part of the set is not in the shot I do not convert textures to Pbr, or I hide the models to make things easier. Sometimes the urge to create an entire 3d world for one shot isn’t helpful unless of course you will reuse this set over and over and need that true 360 world established.


Jack Kamionko cast for the role of Shamsiel – Seven Gates Where Angels Fall.


Jack Kamionko has taken on the role of Shamsiel. Jack has a great range of voices and tones that are enhanced by his amazing talent. He gives Shamsiel that vampire straight out of the Netflix Castlevania anime feel. Which by the way, I loved that anime and cannot wait for the second season.


Jack is new to the voice acting arena, but has a great array of demo reels that prove he has the talent and skill to go anywhere in the industry. The best way to see for yourself is to head over to his you tube channel and take a listen.




Anthony Botelho Cast as Liam for Seven Gates – Where Angels Fall.

Anthony Botelho has been cast for the role of Liam. Every creator/writer/whatever has a favorite character(s) in the worlds they create. The one character that you secretly identify with or have a kindred link with. Liam was the first character created for the series, so in turn he has always been that one character that had to have just the right voice and attitude. I let everyone have the freedom to voice the characters as they envisioned them and Anthony gave Liam that spark that screamed. Anthony’s extreme talent matched Liam’s quirks and expressions perfectly.

Anthony Botelho_sg01liampromocast1

Anthony Botelho is a Toronto based actor, voice actor, and writer. He has done voice work for animation, commercials, games, and audio plays, for clients in Toronto and internationally. He is the co-creator and featured performer on The Wrong Station, a Canadian horror podcast available on iTunes and Google Play, as well being a regular guest on Duotang Chesterfield’s Mystery Theatre and other Canadian podcasts. You can also find his more comedic writing on Canadian satirical website The Beaverton.


@AJVBotelho on Twitter”

James Burton cast as Kain for Seven Gates where angels fall.

James Burton ( Not the film maker James Burton) has been cast for the role of Kain. James had a great approach to Kain, coupled with amazing talent. Kain is a mysterious character at the start. James had brought that air of mystery and mystique to the character with chilling accuracy. Kain’s personality is hard to pin down but James was able to bring Kain to life with ease.




To be blunt, James Burton is not a terribly interesting person. You would be less likely to find him inspiring crowds, helping humanity, or bursting into flaming houses to save children, and more likely to find him living under a rock in the middle of a corn field, which is essentially where he really lives.

During the three and a quarter minutes a day James experiences the sun on his face, he contemplates what brought him to this point in life. Born in Lawrenceville, Georgia, James gradually began developing a southern accent before moving north to Indiana, where people pretend to have southern accents but refer to things like soda as “pop.” While his accent reverted to neutral-American, he never forgot the hills, mountains, forests, and creeks of Georgia, which inspired him to explore, hone his imagination, and generally not act like a grown man.

As the years passed, James began to fall in love with the power of the voice and how it can take listeners (and the speaker) to new worlds and emotions. Life, after all, becomes more fun when you can look forward to exploring a ruined temple or solving an age-old mystery after work. James began to hone his vocal talents and get involved with acting, studying the craft so he could be anything from a daring adventurer to a wise old man to a vengeful demon. Under tutelage of industry veterans from Edge Studio, James grew.

James is now more than happy to narrate worlds of his own as a voice actor specializing in audiobooks and characters. Having found the greatest outlet for his fantasy drive (short of leaping around in public with a sword and cape and probably getting arrested within minutes), James may live under a rock, but he has an imagination, and he knows how to use it.

James enjoys reading, writing, learning foreign languages, the nerdy side of things like video games and TV shows, and martial arts, of which he holds a black belt in Shoto-Jitsu. He was homeschooled his entire educational life and has occasionally done interesting things, like helping to carry an injured woman out of a jungle while their ship was about to unknowingly leave them stranded on an island, or waking up to find a gun pointed at him while house-sitting on a farm during the worst period of the 2013 Winter. (He sort of wishes he was joking, but he is not.) If prompted, perhaps he will even embellish on these rare departures from dwelling among corn and soybeans



Contact – jamesburtonvo@gmail.com

Production update – Seven Gates – Where Angels fall.

Casting is almost completed, and several announcements will be coming shortly for the final casting roles. I have a lot of updates and material to compile, but will post the final actors/actresses and their roles within the next few days.

The soundtrack search is now in full swing. Looking at different options for music. If possible I want the soundtrack to be a showcase and feature source for the bands and artists that are willing to contribute. That process has just started and may take a bit more time. There are many online sources for stock music available, but original songs by great bands would just be awesome in my mind. We will see though on this front. Being flexible and adapting is the key. I want this project to show others the process and even the do’s and don’ts as well ( many of the dont’s may be the case – 🙂 )

Opening sequence has been created. Next will be editing, sounds and music. Production of the first scene is well under way.  Location creation and environments have been ongoing.  When creating an animation the world building is as much part of the process as is the story. The set and stage create the atmosphere and drive the story just as much as the action and dialogue. The opening sequence is the portion before the title screen appears, in this instance. If anyone has watched the TV show supernatural, its the same as the beginning of each episode before the title flashes. I personally like that approach to creating episodes.

The following images are some screenshots from creation process with in Iclone 7. Some rendered some are not.  Iclone is a real time rendering software and much of what you see can or will be what you get, though during animation creation its best to lower the quality to fine tune. Which is what I do personally, to speed up the software’s response. When I use the term render, I am referring to generation of the final images with all lighting effects and higher quality images. ( for those unfamiliar with the term).