Dawn of the Fallen – Episode 2 trailer for Seven Gates Where Angels Fall

The trailer for Episode 2 , Dawn of the Fallen has been uploaded and ready to view.  I hope to have the entire episode finished in the next month. As I noted before all the new episodes are now going to be 10 to 15 minutes in length so that I can produce more at a faster rate.

Special recognition goes out to Maria Usher for doing the voice of “Vixen” in this trailer.




Seven Gates Where Angels Fall Update #12


Episode 2 “Dawn of the Fallen” is well under way and should be released in the next few months or sooner. The new changes to the time format, making episodes 10 to 15 minutes long, has allowed for a much faster workflow and production cycle. I have also learned a lot in streaming lining this process from my work on the first episode.

Episode 2 so far has a much different look to it, from a color composition and set design, to overall general atmosphere. My hope is the new look will push the project up a notch as I continue to work,learn and evolve in this process.

One of the purposes of this project beyond teaching myself is to also help others achieve their own goals and visions. So I will continue to bring in new voice actor roles when I can and hopefully give as many people as possible something to work with. So anyone interested in voice work message me on Facebook.

I will have a short teaser promo soon for Episode 2 that will be posted to the Facebook page first, followed by the you tube channel as well. So keep an eye out for it.




Seven Gates Where Angels Fall Cast Change.

I would like to welcome Patrick Worth to the cast as the new voice of Liam. I caught wind of him on facebook in a group page dedicated to voice acting. After I heard his posted demo I was convince I found the successor to Anthony to take on the role of Liam in the upcoming episodes.



Patrick is an artist, comic writer, Youtube personality and mustache enthusiast. When he’s not drawing or making balloon animals, he spends most of his time making silly voices and entertaining people. A working artist since 2001, he created the webcomic Mob Ties and the Let’s Play channel Patchworthgaming. One wonders when he finds time to sleep.

For Art:
For Video:

Pumpkinshire on DeviantArt
NOW TAKING COMMISSIONS: Price List: Inked Picture: Bust: $10 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/92943… Full Character: $15 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/92946… Flat color: Bust: $15 http://www.furaffinity….

Patrick Worth

Seven Gates Where Angels Fall – Production update march 2018


The first complete episode was released three weeks ago. The response has been amazing. I appreciate every comment, recommendation and view that the first episode has received so far. Every step of this project has been both a challenge and an adventure at times.  I have learned from both my mistakes as well as successes in the process. I sincerely hope that the next episode will be a huge improvement overall.

I have one change to make in the casting. The voice actor that played Liam, is unable to continue with the second episode voice tracks due to a heavy project load. I wish Anthony all the best and am grateful to have worked with him on the first episode. Anthony has an amazing talent and I know he will see many years of success.

In response to this change, I will be casting another actor to take over as Liam. The release of the next episode should not be delayed by this change, since all new episodes are currently set to be about 10 -15 minute episodes to allow for quicker releases. Episode 2 will actually become episode 2 – 3 and 4 in response. The actual idea to change the length of the episodes was Jack Kamionko’s idea ( The voice of Shamsiel) and I thought it was a great idea. Thanks Jack!

The project was always designed to teach myself the trade and learn the skills and workflows needed to do animation. This goal has not changed and I hope someone has found the experience to be a help in someway.  If I could point out one thing that I have personally learned it would be this, study and learn everyday. Read everything you can about your chosen endeavor, watch tutorials online classes whatever you can get your hands on. Read the books that courses and colleges recommend and use in the degree programs. Take as many online courses and training sessions that you can.  Overall read and watch and observe what others have done.



“Seven Gates Where Angels Fall – Order of the isle.” The complete first full episode has been Released.

The final full version of Episode 1 is released and ready to watch.  I combined the new edited version of part 1 to this episode instead of releasing an edited part 1 and then part 2. This was done due to some rearrangement of scenes and dialogue changes made to the flow of the script that I felt made more sense all as one combined episode.

I learned a lot during this process and hope that it will show in episode 2. I feel that its noticeable through the first episode from beginning to end, which I feel met the goal of this being a project about learning . I also feel that it shows others its the experience of creating that matters to me. The process of taking my writing from novels to animation was a learning curve to say the least. Since I taught myself animation and studied as I worked, I found I learned a lot, so much that I cannot wait to dive into episode 2. Was it the best idea to self teach myself animation and take on a large project like this at the same time? Probably not, however for me that is  the only way I can learn and stay focused and motivated.

Many in the cast may wonder where a few scenes went. The scenes have just been moved to the beginning of Episode 2, after a few reviews of the story’s flow they seemed more appropriate at the beginning of the second episode then the ending of the first.I really want to extend a huge offering of thanks to the cast, they are awesome and extremely talented and could not have done this without their contributions. I also want to thank Dale and Alan for allowing me to use their music in this project I hope it does there amazing talent justice.


The look and feel of the final episode was done in an attempt to give the series it’s own feel and tone. It’s a matter of debate if I accomplished that or not. I have had lots of feedback and suggestions since the release of part 1. I worked through all of the suggestions and ideas and tried to make the needed corrections. I am also aware that somethings are a matter of personal preference and tastes. It’s my hope that everyone enjoys the episode and finds something they can take away from it.


Seven Gates Where Angels Fall Production update 11

No I did not die or get abducted by aliens… Yet.  The holidays and a few other personal issues have side tracked me a bit from staying on top of the updates. However I have been working on the animations everyday as much as possible.

Production is moving along and I have made some progress towards finishing the first episode. I’ll be honest in saying that I didn’t think that some of the production would take this long. The good part is I learned a lot and have been able to change my work flow in the process. The following episodes and final portion of this episode should go a lot faster now.


I knew when starting this project it was going to be a challenge and a huge learning experience. I was aware of many of the large learning curves I had to over come as well as the hurdles that would present themselves along the way. Through it all I have noted my mistakes and taken advice and even criticism and done my best to adjust and correct accordingly.


If I had to give anyone advice in regards to a project like this it would be simple, just finish. Trying to be perfect and get everything 100 percent right will do nothing but frustrate you and prevent you from moving forward. We learn by completion and doing. Completing a project allows us to learn and adapt, our art and creative expression grows not by focusing on the small details but by working towards a goal and expressing our ideas. Each completed project will be better than the previous one and you will learn as you go.

So for now that’s the update. Have a great holiday season and Merry Christmas.



Production Update #10 – Seven Gates Where Angels Fall (plus sneak peek)

It’s that time again and this time we will get a sneak peek at the what’s coming next in the completed first episode. As many may already know, Seven gates where angels fall is based on the book of Enoch.  The information and story told in the book of Enoch has been taken and expanded upon to tell a story in a new and different way.

The sneak peek is a narrated portion of the episode which tells a portion of the story directly from the book of Enoch. The sleeping prophet, known as Nathan is dreaming and being given insight into the book of Enoch. Nathan is our narrator/prophet in the series who gives us insight through out the series, specifically into the book of Enoch and how it ties into the story being told.

There is still some coloring and editing to be done so its basically a rough draft sneak peek.


Production has moved along since the last update and I am working on the the final half of the episode. Which I believe is the final 10 to 15 minutes of the episode, I think. I haven’t actually timed it out but based on the script that should be about close.

The programs that I have been using are as follow :  Iclone 7, Daz3d, Hitfilm Express 2017. I was trying to use a few others earlier on but found that these three have the best work flow for me. I do also use Audio Director 7 for audio creation, but that doesn’t play as large a role as the other three. The reason I brought this up was to spotlight an important aspect of animation and project planning, and that is workflow. Work flow is important to speed of your work and the project as well as the productive use of time. The last thing you want to do is waste time doing the same thing over and over again in different programs. I believe that is the definition of insanity. I’ve been accused of being insane and I rather not make that accusation stick to much.