Order of the Isle

“We are the ones who have taken the watchers place. We defend against the darkness and the fallen. Our duty is to protect humanity and preserve the secrets of old. The lost knowledge and forgotten ways, are our shield and the truth of creation and the beginning is our sword.”


The first episode of seven gates is entitled – “the Order of the Isle”. The above screen shot is an actual shot from the episode of the order of the isle and their warehouse headquarters. The characters shown are from left to right. Dee, Liam,Nikki,Jemma and the team leader Malik. I wanted to give everyone a quick look at the core main characters of the series as well as an actual look at a scene from the first episode.

This current update is going to be focused on where I am at in the production and my next steps. I’ll start with a few timeline adjustments and the reasons for them.

The first episode is looking to be completed by October as opposed to a September completion date. The reason for this delay is two fold. The first reason is Reallusion, the creators of the ICLONE 7 software that I am using, will be releasing a faceware plugin sometime in September. I want to take advantage of this new feature for the facial animations to deliver a more realistic presentation. The following video is a quick overview of the system, which uses just a standard PC webcam to track and record facial movement

This leads to the second reason, I am in the process of looking into having several voice actors perform the dialogue for the series. I want to give them time to record and refine the performances as well as use this new function of the software to highlight and enhance the experience. I still have to get solid agreements on this and forward the scripts to those that end up coming on board.
I am currently looking at a facebook group that is centered around voice actors and am in the process of looking at how they approach this and what they expect from the creators and so forth. Since I’m not able to pay anyone it will most likely narrow down the field alot.

So that is the reason for the shifting time line. I mentioned in my last post that I wanted to present this project as it is developed and share the experience. One part of the experience is the ever changing time line. So with that being said something of the first episode will be released in October even if its the first few minutes. I will have something posted for everyone to see in October just not sure if it will be the beginning or the end of October. I am leaning toward the end of October, since we dont know the exact release date of the software enhancement in September.

I will also be posting several posts between then and now to update everyone. The series is coming along well so far, both from a story perspective as well as the overall learning experience.

Someone just asked me the other day ,why approach the project this way and just not wait till its all done and then release it. My answer was this. It’s a learning experience and I wanted to share it with others and hope they can learn from it. There maybe someone who has been dreaming of learning and creating animation out there. I want them to see that it can be done and that even if mistakes are made and things are not going as expected its the journey that matters. Plus its free, so no one can complain about it that way.

Early look at Episode 1:

Seven Gates: Where Angels Fall – Episode 1: Early preview.


Episode 1 is well under way production wise and I anticipate a September or early October release. The length of each episode will vary, since I want to avoid large gaps of time between episodes. I also do not want to create an unrealistic production pipeline that I cannot keep up with, or I have to lower quality because I am rushing. Since this is a learning and sharing the journey type project, I will keep updates as often as possible to keep the flow of new material and progression flowing.

Seven Gates: Where Angels Fall  is a modern day Supernatural science fiction anime. The story revolves around the seven gates of hell and two of the gates already being opened. Once all seven gates have been opened the apocalypse will arrive.  Some say it can be stopped. Its been done before and it can be done again. Others are not convinced, claiming we are living the end times. However that will not stop the order of the isle from trying.

The following screenshots are a few lighting and texturing tests without any post work done.  I’ve been working with new pbr (photo based rendering ) materials and global illumination setups to try and get a unique look to the the first episode. Right away you can see the difference between the preview trailer and these screenshots. My expectations is you will see a improvement of the series in each episode. Each episode, while telling the story will also be a showcase of new techniques as well as new things learned.


Animating a story as opposed to writing one, is a completely different experience. The action and the scene can change instantly. What appears to work on paper may not work so well once animated. The basic rule seems to be that you will only keep about 25% of what you have animated in the end. The dialogue may sound great on paper but once acted it sounds unnatural or just plain goofy. I enjoy the process more when animating. Rules that apply to writing don’t always translate well to the screen. The challenge is finding that median point were it all works together.  After that you have the entire art concept and approach. The lighting , camera angles, effects all have a role as well as do’s and don’ts.


The key is to keep learning and applying what you have learned. I try to learn a new thing each day and apply it to the project.








Turning the page to a new era.

I have been absent on the blog here for over a year. The reason is simple. I have changed directions in my creative endeavors and started establishing a new project. I have for years felt drawn to television and screen writing, over novels and short stories.  In turn I took the time to start training and learning 3d animation software and all the various software needed to start creating and producing computer animated content and videos.

The story has always been the most important thing to me. The worlds and characters in my head, I wanted to share with others. Writing was and is the one way I express it and share with others. The only problem was it wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to see the worlds and characters in living color on the screen. Not in the sense of Hollywood and the silver screen, though that is any writers secret dream. I wanted to see the worlds alive and living, explore the small details that in traditional writing would bore the reader. On the screen however you can do that and the viewer can see it without having to even know they have experienced it.

In response to this shift in my desire and ideas for my stories, RK Animations was born. The first project is called Seven gates – Where angel’s fall.

A supernatural, anime style action packed series. Pushed to the edge of both science fiction and fantasy. The series will be free to watch and enjoy as it is developed. You will experience the evolution and progression of the series both visually and story wise. No sales pitches, no marketing or anything just simply a story being told and shared. You will see some posts outlining the development process or promoting the next episodes teasers, but besides that I hope you enjoy. The following is the trailer preview video and link to the you tube channel.



The signs are everywhere.




“I remember looking up at the night sky when I was a child. The stars and the vast blackness beyond held me transfixed. The moment was frozen in time and nothing else existed but the stars and the wonders that they held. I couldn’t comprehend the idea…”

Noah hit the delete key in disgust and sat back in his chair. He knew what he wanted to write, but the words seemed to fail him. He was frustrated. The gnawing sensation in the pit of his stomach continued to push him. He knew something was driving him and guiding him. The problem was where was it drawing him to.

“Aliens. Seriously?” Noah grumbled as he stood and walked over to the window.

He watched a small squirrel skitter across the backyard. The squirrel stopped and its tail twitched as it looked in Noah’s direction. The small creature looked at him intently and then looked up at the sky above before it ran off to disappear in the nearby hedges. Noah smiled as he felt a calm fall over him for a moment. The squirrel was doing what it did best, being a squirrel.

Noah sighed once again and returned to his desk. He sat staring at the computer screen. He wanted to write about the change that was coming to the world. He wanted to warn people about the dark path they were traveling. The protests and unrest that had been rising over the last few decades was only getting worse. The government response was not quelling it, it was feeding it. The increased control of their lives and even their thoughts was growing each day. The world was spinning out of control.

“And all I can think about is aliens and what’s happening beyond our world.” Noah covered his face with his hands and leaned back in his chair as the frustration he felt intensified.

Even his dreams had been pushing him into this line of thinking. Dreams about lost planets and coming devastation. They haunted him, even during the day. The images never fading from his mind. He had spent hours reading about aliens and conspiracies. None of it made sense to him, but it all seemed to consistently merge into the same message.

“Something was coming. The signs are everywhere.”

The phone rang. The sudden shattering of the rooms silence startled Noah out of his thoughts. He looked at the caller ID on the phone’s screen before answering it.  Judah Corp.

“Hi Tony.”  Noah answered as he went to the window again.

“Hey Noah. Have you seen the news?” Tony’s voice echoed slightly. He was most likely on speaker phone,  either in his car or sitting in his office.

“Not yet. I try to start my day off on a positive note.” Noah answered.

The muffled sound of helicopters flying over head drew his attention to the sky above his house. A large number of military helicopters heading toward the city seemed to blacken out the sun momentarily as they passed.

“Well I think you might want to turn it on.” Tony answered.

“Please tell me its not another press conference of yours. The great Anthony Judah sky rockets Judah Corp to new heights with his latest innovation type thing.” Noah smiled as he turned the television on. He loved getting Tony all worked up.

“No. I would have simply broadcasted that directly to every device in your house, that way you wouldn’t forget to watch it, like you did the last time.” Tony answered with a bit of mirth in his voice.

The news cast was showing what appeared to be the scene of rally of some sort. The scrolling news feed across the screen giving details of what he was watching.

“Dulce, New Mexico. Senator Calvin to hold press release.”

The large armored robots flanking the center stage gleamed in the sun light and created an impressive image of strength. The mech’s as they were being called were the newest military weapon that the government has been parading around. They had turned the tide of the last war in the middle east and proven that the United States was once again one of the only super powers left in the world. That was at least the message the news media wanted you to swallow.

“What am I watching, Tony?” Noah had no interest in the rally for Senator Calvin. Politics as of late was nothing more than a stage act. A show to make the people believe they had a voice, when in reality everything was predetermined before hand. It was a puppet show for the masses.

“Senator Calvin is announcing, or should I say disclosing everything the government knows about alien life.” Tony answered nonchalantly.

Noah wasn’t sure if he had heard that right. Alien disclosure from the government?

“What?” was the only word Noah could muster in response.

“That’s the word, full disclosure on what the government has been hiding in regards to alien life outside our planet.” Tony answered.

“Why would a sitting Senator do that?” Noah’s mind was racing. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had gone down this rabbit hole so many times in his mind, ever since he had started dreaming about alien life and conspiracies.

“I don’t know. The word is its in response to the governments expansion of the mars project. Ever since we colonized mars we have had our eyes on the asteroid belt beyond mars. The minerals and ores are worth a fortune.” Tony knew Noah wasn’t listening anymore. He could tell his friend’s mind was already far off somewhere else.

“This is amazing. I was just reading about that. Some people believe its the remains of a planet. The true fifth planet of our solar system.” Noah answered. The anxious feeling in his gut intensified for a moment as he his mind started reeling with the possibilities.

Tony remained silent for a moment. Noah took notice and forced himself to focus on the conversation.

“There’s more isnt there?” Noah asked.

“Yes.  Senator Calvin will never make it off that stage.” Tony answered.

“What do you mean?” Noah knew exactly what Tony meant, but he asked the question anyway.

“The government will never let him disclose what they know. There is to much at stake for them.” Tony answered.

“Yeah in the form of control and power. Not to mention money.” Noah answered.

“I want you to start exposing it.”

Tony’s last statement shocked Noah. He couldn’t believe Tony was asking him to expose something he knew nothing about.

“What?” Noah’s lack of words frustrated him once again. He wanted to scream “No are you nuts?” and “Why would I risk my life doing that?” but none of that ever came out of his mouth.

“You heard me.” Tony answered.

“I don’t even know anything about this.” Noah answered as he sat down on the couch. He needed to let this all sink in a bit.

“You will. I have a car outside waiting for you.” Tony hung the phone up, leaving Noah with no chance to say no or to argue.





Nibiru Nemesis, a miracle or end of a world system?



The follow up video to Jacob’s  previous video Nibiru and martial law proof?

Nibiru is thought to be a red or brown dwarf star with seven planets orbiting it.  This small mini solar system orbits around ours. Sumerian legends of the Annunaki and other stories from ancient times refer to these planets as being the birth places of many alien civilizations. Each of these civilizations in turn have visited our planet, some people believe they had a hand in our history and creation.

The theories abound and the stories are fascinating. The one thing that can be known for sure is that there is more to this universe than we can imagine.


I touch on this concept lightly at first in the first two novels of my Afallon series ( Flashpoint and Incursion). More details and actual references are revealed in the upcoming third installment entitled directive21. Since my novel series is on going, things are not always revealed at once.

I hope you take the time to check out Jacob’s youtube and channel and look in to  his upcoming second edition release of his novel the Calling, which he featured at the end of the above video.

More of Jacob’s Video’s can be found here.



Nibiru and Martial Law proof?

Jacob Israel talks Nibiru and the TED talks.

Experience the “Voice in the dead woods.”

Jacob is the inspiration for the character Noah Israel in my Afallon series. In many ways they are actually one and the same – “the voice in the dead woods.”

In the upcoming third installment of the series there is mention of the Epic of Gilgamesh. This particular passage plays a great part in the future story lines. Jacob’s video reminded me of that.

Enkidu, it is your wrong thoughts you must change!
It is Gilgamesh whom Shamhat loves,
and Anu, Enlil, and La have enlarged his mind.”
Even before you came from the mountain
Gilgamesh in Uruk had dreams about you.””

Gilgamesh got up and revealed the dream, saying to his mother:
“Mother, I had a dream last night.
Stars of the sky appeared,
and some kind of meteorite(?) of Anu fell next to me.
I tried to lift it but it was too mighty for me,
I tried to turn it over but I could not budge it.
The Land of Uruk was standing around it,
the whole land had assembled about it,
the populace was thronging around it,
the Men clustered about it,” – The epic of Gilgamesh – Tablet I



What if?

Thedra promo

“What if?”

Those were the last words the old man had spoken to Thedra before the guards had taken him away. She wasn’t sure if it was a question or a statement.  She vividly remembered his eyes, void of any expression, looking directly at her as the guards dragged him across the detention yard . She recalled wondering about what he may have been thinking before his execution later that day.

Was he thinking on those two words?

Was he pleading with his God?

That was nine years ago. The words though still haunted her. She  had never understood what he had been trying to say to her. In the still moments when she was alone with her thoughts, those words would echo in her mind. A bell ringing in the darkness pointing the way to somewhere.

Movement on the street below pulled her back to the moment and focused her thoughts on the present. A routine patrol unit was passing by. It was one of the human enforcement units, otherwise known as the Earth Security Force or ESF.

Thedra crept  into the shadows of a nearby ruined building. She remained motionless and waited. The large hover tank slowly rumbled by with two guards following behind. They would look around occasionally but otherwise seemed only partially attentive to what was around them. They were just following orders and going through the motions.

As long as she remained hidden they wouldn’t see her, they were a nuisance more than anything. The real threat was the Valderann patrols. They wouldn’t hesitate to kill her on the spot. The patrol drones accompanying them would also be scanning and surveying the area, making it harder to hide.

Thedra put her swords away as the patrol rounded the corner into the next street. The weapons were crude, but elegant. She was a trained assassin and in her hands they were just as deadly as a laser rifle, maybe even more so. She had found them in an old abandoned shop, just hanging there in a shattered display case. Her escape from the slave pens had left her with nothing but the clothes on her back, and the swords had been a welcomed sight. They also had given her a quiet sense of security and comfort just having them on her.

She had several hours before curfew was enacted and it was best to find somewhere to hide out till then. She would use the cover of darkness to access the portal gate and hopefully get the parts she needed. The plan was simple. She would use parts from the gates to equip a shuttle with a cloak, then fly off the planet. Once she accomplished that she would find the nearest working gate and leave this all behind.  The data she had stolen would also guarantee that someone out there would give her safe harbor. The Valderanns had more enemies than friends so she wasn’t too concerned about finding a buyer.

The top of the ruined building was the perfect spot. It had only taken her a few minutes to scale the shattered shell and make it to an intact  segment of the roof. She had the perfect view of the portal gate and the surrounding city. All that she had to do was settle in and wait.

The large digital billboards around the city all went dark at the same time. The advertisements and Valderann propaganda slogans all disappeared.  The boards flickered back to life seconds later, but this time they all were displaying the same image. A large man standing in the shadows of a dead and fog filled forest. He was wearing a hood that obscured his facial features. The image flickered a few times once more before the image settled in. The black and white image was mirrored a thousand times all across the city.

“Hello. My name is Israel. I am the voice in the dead woods.” The hooded cloak’s voice was distorted slightly and the delayed timing from each billboard gave the audio an eerie and haunting sound that echoed each word all across the city.

“What if there was a better way? What if we could live in peace with those who would oppress us. Would you listen? Would you entertain the thought of setting aside our petty differences in a unified effort to bring peace and love to this dark world?”  The hooded figure paused as he waited for his words to settle upon the ears of those listening.

Thedra wasn’t sure what to think or how to react to the sudden reinforcement of the old man’s words from so long ago. Was this the old man’s message? Was this what he was trying to say to her?

Thedra leaned forward as she waited in anticipation for the hooded figure’s next words. Never in her life had see felt anything like this. She was anxious and excited at the same time, she could feel her own heart pounding as she waited for the man to speak once more.

“I’m not talking about surrender. To surrender would simply be to give in to the darkness and the demands of those that strive to control us. I am talking about opening your eyes to the truth…”

The image froze and the billboards shutoff. The Valderanns had cut the transmission short. All the billboards flashed the same words written in Valderann.

Illegal transmission aborted. Please stand by.

 The advertisements and various  slogans all returned once again. The hooded man was gone and Thedra sat there wondering about those two words once again.

“What if.”