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Production Update #16 – Seven Gates Where Angels Fall – As Darkness Reigns


The third episode of Seven Gates Where Angels Fall is close to completion. I set out a year ago working on this project, the goal and vision was clear. I was going to teach myself animation and tell a story at the same time. I knew that each episode would  be a major leap from the previous one as my knowledge and skill levels increased. Episode three doesn’t fail to follow that model. Subtle things are sometimes what really seem to be the area of improvement.

I have tried to always keep peoples comments and suggestions in my mind as I move forward. One question I get a lot is , “Why post the episodes while you are learning and teaching yourself this?“. The answer is I learn better that way and If someone else can learn from my mistakes all the better.


Everyone has an opinion these days on whats the best way to do something. I’m not one of those people. I do what works for me and as I learn more I adjust as needed. I personally work better that way and tend to learn faster. Every one is different  and there is no one “fits all” approach to learning or developing new skills and knowledge sets. So If i were to give advice, it would be this. Do what works for you and learn along the way. Every mistake is not a failure, its just a chance to do it again.


The above image is a new character concept created in DAZ 3d using Iray render. Iclone will  have this type of render coming in the next few months as well. (Iclone being the software I currently use for animation.) As I continue working on this project I am also planning new episodes and continual story lines, well beyond what has already been scripted and recorded. This is just how I work sometimes, I just keep throwing ideas and concepts around as I work on current episodes. It helps to keep me focused as well as keeping the ideas from being lost over time.


Seven Gates Where Angels Fall Cast Change.

I would like to welcome Patrick Worth to the cast as the new voice of Liam. I caught wind of him on facebook in a group page dedicated to voice acting. After I heard his posted demo I was convince I found the successor to Anthony to take on the role of Liam in the upcoming episodes.



Patrick is an artist, comic writer, Youtube personality and mustache enthusiast. When he’s not drawing or making balloon animals, he spends most of his time making silly voices and entertaining people. A working artist since 2001, he created the webcomic Mob Ties and the Let’s Play channel Patchworthgaming. One wonders when he finds time to sleep.

For Art:
For Video:

Pumpkinshire on DeviantArt
NOW TAKING COMMISSIONS: Price List: Inked Picture: Bust: $10 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/92943… Full Character: $15 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/92946… Flat color: Bust: $15 http://www.furaffinity….

Patrick Worth

Seven Gates – Where Angels Fall behind the scenes #2


Behind the scenes post time once again.

In this post I’m going to go into some more behind the scenes story and detail surrounding the series. As anyone already following the series knows the basis of the story is seven gates that lead to hell exist and if all seven are opened than the apocalypse begins. The first two gates that have been opened are located in Sleepy hollow New York and York Pennsylvania. Yes Sleepy Hollow is a real town in New York and it was originally called Tarrytown, hence the image of Tarry town’s map above.

The obvious question is why Sleepy hollow and York PA? No there is no headless horseman in the series, I promise. One of the reasons is I live in western New York and I am familiar with the area and felt it was time to bring these areas into the spotlight. All apocalypse type shows take place in New York city or Los Angeles or Tokyo. I felt it was time the little guys got their turn. Yes sleepy hollow has been in the spotlight many times and everyone knows it. So that was the the second reason its the starting town of the series. We all like a sense of familiarity when watching something, it’s subconscious and we dont even know it.  It creates a mental connection to our feelings and stuff like that. Well that was the super scientific explanation, so we can move on now from there.


(Character creation in Daz Studio 4.9 – concept for potential future new character)

One of the biggest reasons I choose small towns and areas to start the story was more of a personal story telling hang up I have. Sometimes I get caught up on the “this wouldn’t happen and if it did this and that would happen and nothing you are creating would matter” dilemma. Example if the events in the series happened in New York city the army and FBI, NSA, etc etc would be all over the scene and none of the story elements could realistically happen. The news would have it broadcast in mere minutes and it would be known worldwide. So change the setting put it in a small area and town, one that could remain off the radar for at least a short time, especially if it was a sudden event that occurred with out warning. Now we have a plausible starting point, a bit far stretched but its fiction, supernatural science fiction fantasy storytelling so how real does it have to be to begin with?


Writing, animation, any medium of art today seems to have so many rules, dont do this or that and this technique should only be here and not there. Just join any Facebook group or do a simple google search and you’ll see what I mean. You throw your art out there and suddenly its all about the rules or the craft, creativity is lost and the storytelling is forgotten. It’s easy to get lost in this whirlwind of information and lose site of the story or meaning behind your art and chosen craft.  This is one element I wanted to explore in this series. Just tell the story. I’ll make mistakes not apply the rules correctly, do things that people write blog posts about entitled “The 10 things you should never do” and I’ll hit all ten. I will even probably create 10 more for the blogger to write a follow up article on.So your welcome Mr or Ms blogger.

This post was a bit shorter than the last, the render of my scene is almost done so its back to animating for me. I’m hoping to have the first part of episode 1 released in the next two weeks. The planned out production is set for that time frame so either two weeks or maybe earlier if every thing goes smoothly.






Anthony Botelho Cast as Liam for Seven Gates – Where Angels Fall.

Anthony Botelho has been cast for the role of Liam. Every creator/writer/whatever has a favorite character(s) in the worlds they create. The one character that you secretly identify with or have a kindred link with. Liam was the first character created for the series, so in turn he has always been that one character that had to have just the right voice and attitude. I let everyone have the freedom to voice the characters as they envisioned them and Anthony gave Liam that spark that screamed. Anthony’s extreme talent matched Liam’s quirks and expressions perfectly.

Anthony Botelho_sg01liampromocast1

Anthony Botelho is a Toronto based actor, voice actor, and writer. He has done voice work for animation, commercials, games, and audio plays, for clients in Toronto and internationally. He is the co-creator and featured performer on The Wrong Station, a Canadian horror podcast available on iTunes and Google Play, as well being a regular guest on Duotang Chesterfield’s Mystery Theatre and other Canadian podcasts. You can also find his more comedic writing on Canadian satirical website The Beaverton.


@AJVBotelho on Twitter”

James Burton cast as Kain for Seven Gates where angels fall.

James Burton ( Not the film maker James Burton) has been cast for the role of Kain. James had a great approach to Kain, coupled with amazing talent. Kain is a mysterious character at the start. James had brought that air of mystery and mystique to the character with chilling accuracy. Kain’s personality is hard to pin down but James was able to bring Kain to life with ease.




To be blunt, James Burton is not a terribly interesting person. You would be less likely to find him inspiring crowds, helping humanity, or bursting into flaming houses to save children, and more likely to find him living under a rock in the middle of a corn field, which is essentially where he really lives.

During the three and a quarter minutes a day James experiences the sun on his face, he contemplates what brought him to this point in life. Born in Lawrenceville, Georgia, James gradually began developing a southern accent before moving north to Indiana, where people pretend to have southern accents but refer to things like soda as “pop.” While his accent reverted to neutral-American, he never forgot the hills, mountains, forests, and creeks of Georgia, which inspired him to explore, hone his imagination, and generally not act like a grown man.

As the years passed, James began to fall in love with the power of the voice and how it can take listeners (and the speaker) to new worlds and emotions. Life, after all, becomes more fun when you can look forward to exploring a ruined temple or solving an age-old mystery after work. James began to hone his vocal talents and get involved with acting, studying the craft so he could be anything from a daring adventurer to a wise old man to a vengeful demon. Under tutelage of industry veterans from Edge Studio, James grew.

James is now more than happy to narrate worlds of his own as a voice actor specializing in audiobooks and characters. Having found the greatest outlet for his fantasy drive (short of leaping around in public with a sword and cape and probably getting arrested within minutes), James may live under a rock, but he has an imagination, and he knows how to use it.

James enjoys reading, writing, learning foreign languages, the nerdy side of things like video games and TV shows, and martial arts, of which he holds a black belt in Shoto-Jitsu. He was homeschooled his entire educational life and has occasionally done interesting things, like helping to carry an injured woman out of a jungle while their ship was about to unknowingly leave them stranded on an island, or waking up to find a gun pointed at him while house-sitting on a farm during the worst period of the 2013 Winter. (He sort of wishes he was joking, but he is not.) If prompted, perhaps he will even embellish on these rare departures from dwelling among corn and soybeans



Contact – jamesburtonvo@gmail.com

Julia Eve has been cast for the role of Jemma ( Seven gates – Where angels fall)

Another role has been cast by another super talent.  Julia Eve has been given the role of Jemma. Julia’s voice adds a unique spin to Jemma’s personality that I wasn’t even thinking of until I heard her reading Jemma’s lines, which seems to be the case for each and every character cast so far.

It’s the talent of those giving voice to the characters that bring them alive. Julia has brought Jemma alive and I’m sure everyone will agree that her voice is Jemma once you hear it.

julia evejemmapromoremake1


Julia Eve is a voice actor and audiobook narrator. She has appeared in 2 episodes of ‘Seminar’ for Pendant Audio and 2 radio plays for No Barriers Radio. She has recorded audiobooks for Learning Ally and will be the voice of the ‘Miss Hewitt Investigates’ series on Audible. Julia provided the voices of Galaxia (Metaknight’s Sword) & Fumu in the animated web series ‘Origins of the Metaknight’. She has also voiced commercials for Nickey Radio.  Earlier this year she narrated a digital art project called ‘I Will Say Whatever You Want In Front Of A Pizza’. She is currently working on podcast dramas ‘Say Hello to Black Jack’ and ‘The Table Round’, the web series ‘Hitman’ and a short sci-fi film ‘Deathline’.

Twitter: @juliaeve_voice

The signs are everywhere.




“I remember looking up at the night sky when I was a child. The stars and the vast blackness beyond held me transfixed. The moment was frozen in time and nothing else existed but the stars and the wonders that they held. I couldn’t comprehend the idea…”

Noah hit the delete key in disgust and sat back in his chair. He knew what he wanted to write, but the words seemed to fail him. He was frustrated. The gnawing sensation in the pit of his stomach continued to push him. He knew something was driving him and guiding him. The problem was where was it drawing him to.

“Aliens. Seriously?” Noah grumbled as he stood and walked over to the window.

He watched a small squirrel skitter across the backyard. The squirrel stopped and its tail twitched as it looked in Noah’s direction. The small creature looked at him intently and then looked up at the sky above before it ran off to disappear in the nearby hedges. Noah smiled as he felt a calm fall over him for a moment. The squirrel was doing what it did best, being a squirrel.

Noah sighed once again and returned to his desk. He sat staring at the computer screen. He wanted to write about the change that was coming to the world. He wanted to warn people about the dark path they were traveling. The protests and unrest that had been rising over the last few decades was only getting worse. The government response was not quelling it, it was feeding it. The increased control of their lives and even their thoughts was growing each day. The world was spinning out of control.

“And all I can think about is aliens and what’s happening beyond our world.” Noah covered his face with his hands and leaned back in his chair as the frustration he felt intensified.

Even his dreams had been pushing him into this line of thinking. Dreams about lost planets and coming devastation. They haunted him, even during the day. The images never fading from his mind. He had spent hours reading about aliens and conspiracies. None of it made sense to him, but it all seemed to consistently merge into the same message.

“Something was coming. The signs are everywhere.”

The phone rang. The sudden shattering of the rooms silence startled Noah out of his thoughts. He looked at the caller ID on the phone’s screen before answering it.  Judah Corp.

“Hi Tony.”  Noah answered as he went to the window again.

“Hey Noah. Have you seen the news?” Tony’s voice echoed slightly. He was most likely on speaker phone,  either in his car or sitting in his office.

“Not yet. I try to start my day off on a positive note.” Noah answered.

The muffled sound of helicopters flying over head drew his attention to the sky above his house. A large number of military helicopters heading toward the city seemed to blacken out the sun momentarily as they passed.

“Well I think you might want to turn it on.” Tony answered.

“Please tell me its not another press conference of yours. The great Anthony Judah sky rockets Judah Corp to new heights with his latest innovation type thing.” Noah smiled as he turned the television on. He loved getting Tony all worked up.

“No. I would have simply broadcasted that directly to every device in your house, that way you wouldn’t forget to watch it, like you did the last time.” Tony answered with a bit of mirth in his voice.

The news cast was showing what appeared to be the scene of rally of some sort. The scrolling news feed across the screen giving details of what he was watching.

“Dulce, New Mexico. Senator Calvin to hold press release.”

The large armored robots flanking the center stage gleamed in the sun light and created an impressive image of strength. The mech’s as they were being called were the newest military weapon that the government has been parading around. They had turned the tide of the last war in the middle east and proven that the United States was once again one of the only super powers left in the world. That was at least the message the news media wanted you to swallow.

“What am I watching, Tony?” Noah had no interest in the rally for Senator Calvin. Politics as of late was nothing more than a stage act. A show to make the people believe they had a voice, when in reality everything was predetermined before hand. It was a puppet show for the masses.

“Senator Calvin is announcing, or should I say disclosing everything the government knows about alien life.” Tony answered nonchalantly.

Noah wasn’t sure if he had heard that right. Alien disclosure from the government?

“What?” was the only word Noah could muster in response.

“That’s the word, full disclosure on what the government has been hiding in regards to alien life outside our planet.” Tony answered.

“Why would a sitting Senator do that?” Noah’s mind was racing. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had gone down this rabbit hole so many times in his mind, ever since he had started dreaming about alien life and conspiracies.

“I don’t know. The word is its in response to the governments expansion of the mars project. Ever since we colonized mars we have had our eyes on the asteroid belt beyond mars. The minerals and ores are worth a fortune.” Tony knew Noah wasn’t listening anymore. He could tell his friend’s mind was already far off somewhere else.

“This is amazing. I was just reading about that. Some people believe its the remains of a planet. The true fifth planet of our solar system.” Noah answered. The anxious feeling in his gut intensified for a moment as he his mind started reeling with the possibilities.

Tony remained silent for a moment. Noah took notice and forced himself to focus on the conversation.

“There’s more isnt there?” Noah asked.

“Yes.  Senator Calvin will never make it off that stage.” Tony answered.

“What do you mean?” Noah knew exactly what Tony meant, but he asked the question anyway.

“The government will never let him disclose what they know. There is to much at stake for them.” Tony answered.

“Yeah in the form of control and power. Not to mention money.” Noah answered.

“I want you to start exposing it.”

Tony’s last statement shocked Noah. He couldn’t believe Tony was asking him to expose something he knew nothing about.

“What?” Noah’s lack of words frustrated him once again. He wanted to scream “No are you nuts?” and “Why would I risk my life doing that?” but none of that ever came out of his mouth.

“You heard me.” Tony answered.

“I don’t even know anything about this.” Noah answered as he sat down on the couch. He needed to let this all sink in a bit.

“You will. I have a car outside waiting for you.” Tony hung the phone up, leaving Noah with no chance to say no or to argue.