Cast of Seven Gates- Where the Angels fall

Since the casting request went out for the project I have had the pleasure of auditioning some of the best voice talent I have heard. It was an experience for me, I was overwhelmed by the amazing talent and volume of those interested in being a part of the project.  I want to do as much as I can for those that have been cast in the roles by featuring them here and their amazing talent. You will find complete actor bios and links to their pages.

I am humbled to work with these great actors and actresses.


Alyssa Kay – Starring as Nikki-

Alyssa Kay1


Tiffany Page- Starring as Dee


Dale Thompson – Starring as Azazel



Starring Julia Eve as Jemma

julia evejemmapromoremake1

Starring Sarah Mitchell as Catherine

Casting Networkscatherine

Starring James Burton as Kain


Starring Anthony Botelho as Liam (EPISODE 1 ONLY)

liampromocast1Anthony Botelho_sg01

Starring Patrick Worth as Liam


Starring Lorilee Holloway as Lilith



Starring Hunter Mize as Malik


Starring Jack Kamionko as Shamsiel.


Starring Dan Pye as the Narrator and the voice of Nathan the dream Prophet

Dan Pyedreamprophet1

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