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Nibiru and Martial Law proof?

Jacob Israel talks Nibiru and the TED talks.

Experience the “Voice in the dead woods.”

Jacob is the inspiration for the character Noah Israel in my Afallon series. In many ways they are actually one and the same – “the voice in the dead woods.”

In the upcoming third installment of the series there is mention of the Epic of Gilgamesh. This particular passage plays a great part in the future story lines. Jacob’s video reminded me of that.

Enkidu, it is your wrong thoughts you must change!
It is Gilgamesh whom Shamhat loves,
and Anu, Enlil, and La have enlarged his mind.”
Even before you came from the mountain
Gilgamesh in Uruk had dreams about you.””

Gilgamesh got up and revealed the dream, saying to his mother:
“Mother, I had a dream last night.
Stars of the sky appeared,
and some kind of meteorite(?) of Anu fell next to me.
I tried to lift it but it was too mighty for me,
I tried to turn it over but I could not budge it.
The Land of Uruk was standing around it,
the whole land had assembled about it,
the populace was thronging around it,
the Men clustered about it,” – The epic of Gilgamesh – Tablet I



The lone watch at the gates.


The lone watch at the gates – The Marshall Kaine Journals.

“Always be ready. Keep watch long into the dark night. The end will be sudden,and a great culling will cover over the land.”

The suppression of the truth is becoming more difficult for them each day. The sleepers are starting to awaken. I fear though it will not be soon enough. There are powerful forces are work, that want to distort and control the message. They know they are running out of time. The control of the message and its distortion is now the top priority. The awakened sleepers are now the hunted and the hunter is still unseen and unknown.

The attacks on Senator Calvin have failed and the investigations have garnered nothing. The populous is increasingly behind him. They are supporting him and encouraging him to release more information on a daily basis. The demand for disclosure is echoing through out the world. Governments are being pressured to admit  what they know or face more shaming information releases.

The response from the governments has been severe. Senator Calvin’s supporters have been rounded up in the name of “national security”. They have been branded liars and conspirators, deemed a threat to society and civilization. They disappear never to be heard from. The official word is they are being treated at the federal campuses. They are in need of psychiatric help an thus not allowed visitors. The media has stopped reporting on the senator and his supporters. The disappearance of civilians is ignored and his claims are simply not reported. The news has responded by flooding the air waves with distractions and new scandals on a daily basis. They cannot hide the truth any longer so they try to distract us from it.

The senator has proof of alien contact with the U.S. government. He has gone as far as releasing documentation and recorded footage, demanding the government come completely clean on the matter. He’s become a target. I hope he knows that. This will not end well for him. The government’s denials and counter claims are being believed for the most part and those of us who believe him are being targeted. The senator continues to fight back and has plans to prove to the world his claims are not lies. What he is planning no one knows exactly.

I don’t know why I continue doing this. I want to simply forget what I know and join the masses once again in blissful ignorance. I cannot turn back, once awakened you cannot simply go back to sleep. The nightmares haunt you and force you to continue seeking the truth. I understand Nathan’s story now. I use to get annoyed at his insistence to tell me the story over and over.

Nathan would always tell me about the bright shining light that he saw in the night sky one night. He was walking his dog and noticed a bright light that was moving slowly back and forth in the sky. He stood there watching it, wondering was it a star or satellite. He then would proceed to tell me how it would move slowly back and forth in a circular pattern. In the distance a plane was approaching.  He could see the red and green flashing lights. It was just after dusk so he could make out the form of the plane itself. The plane drew closer and as it neared the light  it just blinked out. The plane continued on its course flying straight through the spot that the light had just moments before occupied.

Nathan would always look at me and wait for me to respond once he finished. I never did. I had heard too many stories like that from too many people before. They never had proof and each story was easily explainable. The last time Nathan told me the story was just a few days ago before he went underground into hiding. He was convinced that someone was after him and he was not going to be the next disappearance.

Nathan’s story wasn’t about proof or experience it was about understanding. Once you thought you understood what the story was about you would stop seeking the answers and your mind would no longer be open.

I’ll continue on. I have all of Nathan’s research and his results. The Senator is who I really need to speak with next. It wont be easy to get a meeting with him.

The End of Days

The above video was created by a great friend of mine. His message is amazing and will change the way you view things.

Enjoy My Latest Video – “The End Of Days”

The end of something is the beginning of something so much greater. I believe there will be an end to the hard times we face, an end to the hard days to come, and a beginning of a new reality for us all. I have spoken about climate change, flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes, economic collapse, war, drought, and more, and everything I have shared we have seen, but the biggest change is yet to come.

The footage I shared in the second half of the video is ALL FOOTAGE from the last couple of months. On July 18th I began sharing a Warning to everyone, that we needed to turn back to the Lord. And yet nothing has changed. We need to come together and bring an end to all war, we need to bring an end to all hate, we need to bring an end to all suffering, and we need to bring an end to lack. WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND WHAT WE DO TO OTHERS WE DO TO OURSELVES…. This is our final hour, this is our last chance for positive change without change being thrust upon us all. We need to return to the Lord, we need to Love! Please do subscribe, and please do SHARE THIS VIDEO if you too feel that something is about to break free, one way or another. I love you, Jacob Israel — For more information visit

The message fits right in with my series “The Marshall Kaine Journals”. Also one of the main characters “Noah Israel” in my new novel Afallon is based on Jacob himself.

Please take the time to watch the video and pay attention to the ending and the message he is sharing.

The watchman’s warning.


The watchman’s warning -The Marshall Kaine Journals

“It is the duty of the watch to blow the horn and sound the alarm.”

I’ve been in worse places then this. The judges tavern, a small pub in the lower section of town, nestled along the canal front. The patrons are mainly blue collar works, many living in the small neighborhood that runs the length of the canal. The place is old and the stench of the canal water seems to permeate through the walls. The owners try to keep the place up, though you can tell money is tight and repairs are only done when truly needed.

The patrons don’t bother me and I don’t bother them. They basically ignore me and go about talking and drinking. I prefer it that way. The last thing I want is trouble. I rather sit back and enjoy my drink in peace. I’m waiting for a new contact to arrive a researcher by the name of Nathan Bloomfield. Nathan claims he has information and evidence of one of the world’s biggest cover up and conspiracy. I highly doubt it. I’ll still give him a chance to convince me otherwise.

The music is way to loud to even hear the large screen TV above the bar. The TV is playing the  nightly news, so I am left with reading the news banners and tickers as they scroll across the screen. The local stuff bores me, but I pay attention once the national news starts. They are talking about Senator Calvin. He’s been making a lot of noise in the news and on the senate floor as of late. He wants the government to fully disclose all the evidence of alien life that is being withheld.

At first  he sounded like a wacko and no one took him seriously, till he started exposing several hidden programs. The first program he exposed was the secret space fleet that has been in production for years. Those in power quickly dismissed that as experimental projects for space exploration and not one of those so called “ships” has ever left earth orbit.  Shortly after that he started making speeches and demanding full disclosure.

The response was expected. First they ridiculed him and sought to discredit him. He remained vigilante and fought back. The next step will be to threaten him and try to control and silence him.  The current new broadcast is proving that to be true. The federal government just announced they would be investigate him and several claims of espionage and collusion with possible foreign governments. In other words they are going to blackmail him. If that doesn’t work they will have to get rid of him some how. I wish him luck. If what he is saying is true and he can prove it. I’m behind him one hundred percent. On the other hand if what he says is not true or he cannot prove it, he will have only himself to blame in the end.

The news switched over to sports and entertainment. I find it amusing  that our attention span is so limited these days. The sleepless masses would rather be entertained and  coddled then informed and in control of their own lives and destiny. I wonder sometimes why I even bother writing these journal entries, maybe I just like hearing my own voice echoing in my head.

 I see Nathan enter the bar. He’s hard to miss. The wild unkempt hair that seems to stick  up all over the place coupled with the nervousness of a cat in a room full of rocking chairs makes him stick out in a crowd. I wave him over and order another drink. It’s time to get this show started. I hope it’s worth it. The last thing I want to hear is about his experiences seeing lights in the sky that disappeared when planes approached. He likes telling me that story for some reason.

~ end of journal entry~

The last witness

kaine final effects

The last witness – The Marshall Kaine Journals.

The camps officially opened today. They say it was in response to the civil unrest and rioting that has been boiling over for the last few years. I know better, this was planned long before the unrest and rioting escalated. There use to be rumors of the camps existence for years and everyone just ignored it.  The old ruined sections of the cities are now  being rebuilt into Federal District Campuses. I see them for what they are, birthing pains and signs of more things to come.

Those that have taken to rioting and violent civil disobedience do not realize they are actually giving more power and justification to those oppressing them. Violence doesn’t gain sympathetic followers. It attracts anarchy and chaos. They chant “Down with the government.”  “Down with system.” “Down with the corporations.”

They offer nothing in return for toppling the system. Attacking the puppets does nothing to the puppet master.  The puppet master will simply make more puppets and continue on with the show. There are those who see it and understand what it is that we are facing,  though their voices are lost in the chanting of anarchist and chaos mongers.

The truth needs to be exposed not through violent means, but through  the changing of minds. Showing those asleep that they need to awaken.

I know my words will come against me one day. So I continue to find others who have awakened. The truth we have revealed will come out one day. We just need to be prepared to deal with the fall out. The last witness will have to take a stand and declare the crimes of the puppet master. They will have to be prepared to speak the truth with evidence and conviction. They cannot present a theory or thinly veiled evidence. They must stand before the sleeping masses and hold the smoking gun high above their heads and declare:

“I have the proof right here.”

The Marshall Kaine Journals – Excerpts from the backstory and historical archives from my new novel series: Afallon.

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Twelve Scrolls

twleve scrolls

They blame me for the conditions of their souls. It does not matter that their minds could not gaze past the ignorance that scaled over their eyes, forcing them to see through a dimly lit stained glass. I was merely the messenger of their demise. I delivered the twelve scrolls, as instructed. I was not the creator nor the object of the message within the scrolls.

The Shamari and the dragons, the great caretakers and shepherds of the lower races, fell first. They coveted power and it consumed them. Thus they blamed the scrolls  and the prophecies held with, for the final nature of their demise. They now fester and rot in the lands of their births. The great cities lie in ruins, the lush valleys and forests, burnt and petrified, cursed for their defiance. The appointed hour to be determined, when they will be released once again.

It has all come to pass as it should. I find it amusing as the great scribe Jiran struggles in vain to find meaning hidden in the text. Can he not see? Can he not comprehend that the message is simple? I fear the wise are sometimes duller the witless. The story is always the same. The creator and the destroy fighting over the various worlds of the universe. One intends to save and the other destroy. The scene always plays out the same, just the players change. The creation only sees the true message in the end, as the world burns and fades out of existence.

I have seen this a thousand times upon a thousand worlds. Shadora is not unique in this manner. They are unique though in the fact that they refuse to accept their fate. One conspires with the destroyer, believing he can trick him of his due prize. Others refuse the mantle of champion placed on them by the creator.

I find this curious.

Watch with me as the great scribe struggles to explain this…

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A chance meeting ?

paligar 1

The road to burrowers end was only a three days journey from Xanter, for anyone other than a changeling that is. The world seemed to always get in the way of the journey for most changelings. A small twist in the road meant a new area to investigate and new wonders to experience.

Copper noticed the warm glow of the fire ahead. He had been traveling along the road for what seemed like years to him. He was just about to camp himself for the night, but it was fortunate enough that someone else was in need of his company. He smiled as he skipped ahead. He knew they would be excited to see him, whoever they were.

“Hello !!! fellow traveler” Copper called out merrily, as he approached the campsite.

The old man sitting at the fire turned and looked sternly at the changeling. The old man’s long white beard twitched slightly as he realized the new comer was just a changeling traveling along the road.

“Hello there little one.” his voice was serious and copper paid no attention to that. He was transfixed on the ruined tower and crumbled walls just a short distance away from the road. The moons full light lit the ancient tower in a pale glow as it filtered through the trees stopping just short of the campsite. Copper looked on in wonder as he imagined an imaginary line separating the tower and the campsite. This line, in the changelings mind, prevented the moon light from crossing. To copper this was an odd occurrence, certainly one that led him to many new questions.

“Do you think it’s haunted?” Copper asked as he seated himself near the fire.

“The ruins?” The old man asked as he looked over his shoulder. He smiled knowingly as he returned his gaze on the changeling.

“yes the ruins.” Copper answered as he looked quizzically at the old man. Such an odd answer for such an obvious question, he thought as he settled himself in.

“The only spirits that dwell there are ones of memories and regrets.”  A sadness appeared across the old man’s face for a moment as he paused to gather himself.

“Trust me on this little one, the arrogance and ego of men is all that echoes amongst those dusty rooms.”

 Copper looked over at the ruins longingly. He smiled and looked at the old man.

“My name is Copper Tenderfoot” He smiled innocently; the old man had to have heard of him before. It would take a few minutes he supposed for the realization to settle in.

“Copper is it?” The old man smiled

“A fitting name for a changeling.” He always enjoyed talking with changelings. Of all the races in shadora the changeling race was the one race with a unique perspective on spirituality, morality, and anything else for that matter.

“I am very fond of it myself,now that you mention it “ Copper answered as beamed in satisfaction.

“Master Copper, I wonder if you would indulge me for a bit and listen to a tale I have been working on” The old man leaned forward and grinned as he spoke.

Copper loved a good story, he wasn’t too sure about this old man’s ability to tell tales but he would give him the courtesy of listening.

“I love a good story!” he answered as he settled himself in a bit more.

“Excellent… Excellent my boy” The old man smiled as he leaned back and started to tell his tale….

There was once a man who wanted a second chance to go back in time and do it all over again. He believed he was in control of what once was.  He pleaded with the creator daily to allow him to go back into time and undo all that had already been done in his life. The creator granted his request and sent the man back to his early youth.

The younger version of the man had no recollection of his older wiser self and simply went on is way in life. He made all the same choices and all the same mistakes.  The creator returned and showed the man what once was and what was once again.

“I don’t understand!” The man cried…

“I wanted to avoid all those things that I did and all the pain I endured.”

It never dawned on the man that his hindsight was guiding him. He did not possess the ability to see the paths and choices he could or would make. He wasn’t a god and he could only see the moment.

The creator smiled and asked him a simple question.

“Can you control when you are born?”

“No” the man answered.

“Can you control how the weather will be today?”

“Of course not”

The man was getting frustrated he couldn’t understand what the creator was trying to say.

“I don’t understand, what’s the point of these questions?” He boldly inquired.

“You think that you control all your actions and choices do you not?”

“Of course I have freewill!”

“Can you control what others will say and do? Can you control what lies in wait around the next corner?”

“No” the man answered as realization started to settle in.

“You can determine what steps you will take but I control where they lead you and what will or will not be in your path next” The creator answered.

“Now go and play and stop trying to be something you are not”

The old man ended his small tale and looked at copper. The changeling was looking deep into the fire his forehead creased in concentration.

“Well?” The old man asked.

“It was a good story, but..” Copper hesitated.

“But what?” The old man was surprised at Copper’s hesitation.

“You see changelings don’t view the world like that.” He perked up instantly the more he talked.

“To us the idea of choice is natural its part of the world. We choose and we follow our choices, we don’t regret them, unless of course you lose a limb or something, that might be a bit regrettable but then again you get to use a cane!”

The old man chuckled and Copper smiled back as he continued on explaining his view of the story.

“I don’t know much about the creator, or free willies, but I don’t think he, or maybe she, or maybe it, bothers much with what we do day by day. It’s only the real big things that matter not the small things.”

“Really?” The old man mused as he slowly stood up.

“Master Copper you have an amazing journey ahead of you. I suggest you remember my story. It may one day serve you well.” He smiled and started to head off toward the old ruins.

“Wait! Where you going?” Copper jumped to his feet, but the old man had disappeared.

“You never told me your name” He whispered as he stared frightfully at the ruins.

“I knew there were ghosts in there.”