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Early look at Episode 1:

Seven Gates: Where Angels Fall – Episode 1: Early preview.


Episode 1 is well under way production wise and I anticipate a September or early October release. The length of each episode will vary, since I want to avoid large gaps of time between episodes. I also do not want to create an unrealistic production pipeline that I cannot keep up with, or I have to lower quality because I am rushing. Since this is a learning and sharing the journey type project, I will keep updates as often as possible to keep the flow of new material and progression flowing.

Seven Gates: Where Angels Fall  is a modern day Supernatural science fiction anime. The story revolves around the seven gates of hell and two of the gates already being opened. Once all seven gates have been opened the apocalypse will arrive.  Some say it can be stopped. Its been done before and it can be done again. Others are not convinced, claiming we are living the end times. However that will not stop the order of the isle from trying.

The following screenshots are a few lighting and texturing tests without any post work done.  I’ve been working with new pbr (photo based rendering ) materials and global illumination setups to try and get a unique look to the the first episode. Right away you can see the difference between the preview trailer and these screenshots. My expectations is you will see a improvement of the series in each episode. Each episode, while telling the story will also be a showcase of new techniques as well as new things learned.


Animating a story as opposed to writing one, is a completely different experience. The action and the scene can change instantly. What appears to work on paper may not work so well once animated. The basic rule seems to be that you will only keep about 25% of what you have animated in the end. The dialogue may sound great on paper but once acted it sounds unnatural or just plain goofy. I enjoy the process more when animating. Rules that apply to writing don’t always translate well to the screen. The challenge is finding that median point were it all works together.  After that you have the entire art concept and approach. The lighting , camera angles, effects all have a role as well as do’s and don’ts.


The key is to keep learning and applying what you have learned. I try to learn a new thing each day and apply it to the project.








The First Wave Has Arrived.


The first day of the Valderann invasion is nothing more than a distant memory. The nine years of occupation has changed us, hardened us and molded us. We see the universe and our place in it differently now. We no longer fear the darkness, instead we defy it.  We are no longer asleep. We have awoken and  our awakening has given us a new sense of purpose. The universe may rise against us and try to extinguish our flame but we will not go silently.

Our world now faces a new threat and even our occupiers are unable to resist. Undaunted by the long dark night we  will continue on.  Survival is all that we have left, and survive we will.


incursionversion2a copy

The second installment of the Afallon series is on it’s way.  The release date is set for early April. Once the editing is finalized I will post more details.

I know it has been a while since the blog has seen updates and that is due to a busy and hectic schedule. I have been running events and working on the next installments as well as more animations.

Check out the news and announcement sections for upcoming events.

The following images are a few screen shoots from the new animation that I hope will draw you deeper into the evolving story of Afallon.





Forgotten Worlds


forgotten worlds copy

There are worlds long forgotten, lost and submerged within the unconscious mind of the awakened dreamer.

The dreamer awakens and the wonders they have seen fade away. The lives they have lived are forgotten. The fears and worries of the day over take them and the worlds they have traveled are but fleeting memories fading with the mist.

There is always hope. It lingers in the back of the mind, speaking softly. It wants you to return to the forgotten worlds that await you once again. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for your journey will begin again. See the worlds and wonders once again renewed. Live the thousands of lives laid out before you.


Sleep and dream forever more.

Awaken if you must dreamer. The forgotten world will still remain awaiting your return.

The lone watch at the gates.


The lone watch at the gates – The Marshall Kaine Journals.

“Always be ready. Keep watch long into the dark night. The end will be sudden,and a great culling will cover over the land.”

The suppression of the truth is becoming more difficult for them each day. The sleepers are starting to awaken. I fear though it will not be soon enough. There are powerful forces are work, that want to distort and control the message. They know they are running out of time. The control of the message and its distortion is now the top priority. The awakened sleepers are now the hunted and the hunter is still unseen and unknown.

The attacks on Senator Calvin have failed and the investigations have garnered nothing. The populous is increasingly behind him. They are supporting him and encouraging him to release more information on a daily basis. The demand for disclosure is echoing through out the world. Governments are being pressured to admit  what they know or face more shaming information releases.

The response from the governments has been severe. Senator Calvin’s supporters have been rounded up in the name of “national security”. They have been branded liars and conspirators, deemed a threat to society and civilization. They disappear never to be heard from. The official word is they are being treated at the federal campuses. They are in need of psychiatric help an thus not allowed visitors. The media has stopped reporting on the senator and his supporters. The disappearance of civilians is ignored and his claims are simply not reported. The news has responded by flooding the air waves with distractions and new scandals on a daily basis. They cannot hide the truth any longer so they try to distract us from it.

The senator has proof of alien contact with the U.S. government. He has gone as far as releasing documentation and recorded footage, demanding the government come completely clean on the matter. He’s become a target. I hope he knows that. This will not end well for him. The government’s denials and counter claims are being believed for the most part and those of us who believe him are being targeted. The senator continues to fight back and has plans to prove to the world his claims are not lies. What he is planning no one knows exactly.

I don’t know why I continue doing this. I want to simply forget what I know and join the masses once again in blissful ignorance. I cannot turn back, once awakened you cannot simply go back to sleep. The nightmares haunt you and force you to continue seeking the truth. I understand Nathan’s story now. I use to get annoyed at his insistence to tell me the story over and over.

Nathan would always tell me about the bright shining light that he saw in the night sky one night. He was walking his dog and noticed a bright light that was moving slowly back and forth in the sky. He stood there watching it, wondering was it a star or satellite. He then would proceed to tell me how it would move slowly back and forth in a circular pattern. In the distance a plane was approaching.  He could see the red and green flashing lights. It was just after dusk so he could make out the form of the plane itself. The plane drew closer and as it neared the light  it just blinked out. The plane continued on its course flying straight through the spot that the light had just moments before occupied.

Nathan would always look at me and wait for me to respond once he finished. I never did. I had heard too many stories like that from too many people before. They never had proof and each story was easily explainable. The last time Nathan told me the story was just a few days ago before he went underground into hiding. He was convinced that someone was after him and he was not going to be the next disappearance.

Nathan’s story wasn’t about proof or experience it was about understanding. Once you thought you understood what the story was about you would stop seeking the answers and your mind would no longer be open.

I’ll continue on. I have all of Nathan’s research and his results. The Senator is who I really need to speak with next. It wont be easy to get a meeting with him.

What is this Madness?


What is this Madness – The Marshall Kaine Journals.


I think I understand that term more now than ever before.  You want to simply turn back time and go return to the time  when things were normal. You yearn for the bliss of ignorance. I was once  living in ignorance and I wasn’t even aware of it. I thought I understood the world and how it worked. I thought I understood the concepts and precepts of this modern society. I even scoffed and ridiculed those that spoke out, trying to open our eyes to  the  real danger.

My awaking was violent and sudden. My eyes were not merely opened, no they were overexposed to the glaring light. I saw the governments of the world for what they were, puppets dancing to an unheard song. The plots and dealings made in the dark of night, not for the benefit of mankind, but for its detriment. All this in the name of greed and the lust for power.

I know I sound like a madman, a conspiracy nut that sees men in suits and black unmarked vehicles at every corner. I do though, not because I am mad but because they are real. They are watching. The sleepers are ignored, for they pose no threat. The awakened are the real threat, for the awaken can change history and derail their plans.

It sounds mad and it is madness.  I wanted to walk away and ignore it. I wanted to fall back asleep and pretend nothing had ever happened. I couldn’t, it wouldn’t let me. The never silent nagging in my mind that pointed me to every hidden truth as I watched the world around me. The suffering and pain of others that should not have been. The disease and famine. The hatred and religious wars. The holding back of cures and technologies for profit and control. I saw it for the first time and understood what it was.


If you can control the fear and anxiety of the populous you can make them believe and do anything. All of that though pales in comparison to what is coming. The horrors that are just beyond the horizon.

I ran. I knew no other option. I was going mad and the only course of action for me was to run and hide from what I knew. The dreams though, the dreams reminded me night after night. She reminded me every time I closed my eyes.

It has been five years now and for five years I have been dreaming about her. The dreams are always the same and they are always connected.  We are together and on the run, from something or some one.  We stand against this foe in strength and in arms. We are one in both purpose and in mind.

I have known her for many years.  We may be separated at the moment but we are connected. I want to tell her that I have been dreaming about her. I want to tell her about  the danger we will face together. I don’t though, she will think I am mad. I have fallen in love with her, not just in my dreams but in reality. I could not bare the thought of her thinking I am mad. So I do nothing, I hear the warnings and I settle into my madness. I have no other recourse…


The Journal’s of Marshall Kaine are writings that I never used in the new novel series Afallon.  I have many more and will continue to share them. They set a tone and a background  for the events leading up to the novel and give you a great feel of what the story is like.


The Hunt

Prelude to war the hunt final

Age of Ruin: The hunt – ( Prelude to war : Part 2)

Darkness, an ally that never fails.

The darkness concealed Rastain and Sid as they moved silently amongst the trees. The remaining Erahaim were camped about a mile west of the caravan. The soldiers were sitting around the fire laughing and drinking. They  were completely unaware of the fate that had befallen their fellow companions or the fate that was about to fall upon them.

“What in the name of the underworld is taking Haydrin so long?” One asked as he stood and looked west.

Rastain remained crouched on the low hillside above the camp, as Sid disappeared into the shadows. The time to strike was not right. Rastain  cautiously positioned himself just a few feet away from the fire’s revealing glow. The darkness would cloak him from their casual glances into the shadows outside the camp.

“Shut up and sit down, Darrin.”

“Yeah. No one cares about Haydrin and his goofy side kick. They probably got lost in the dark.”

“Bah… Rimick most likely got lost and Haydrin didn’t know what to do next.”

“Haydrin is even more clueless then a freaking changeling. The big ox is probably just standing there waiting, with that dumb look on his face.”

“I can see it now. He’s contemplating if he should take a leak or wait for Rimick. Most likely wondering if it would be best to just stay put and take a leak right there on the spot.”

They all laughed at the expense of their fallen comrades. Rastain smiled, they would soon join them. They could spend the rest of eternity in the underworld drinking, laughing and joking.

Rastain gripped his swords tightly as he saw Sid slowly advancing toward the fire. The wolf boldly entered into the camp.

“Whoa! What the…” One yelled as he came face to face with the snarling wolf.

“Kill it!” another cried.

The Erahaim drew their swords and Rastain stood up from the darkness above them. He jumped right into the middle of the three soldiers, slashing their hastily drawn swords aside. Rastain crouched low as he  circled around the soldiers. He was consumed with an uncontrollable rage that burned in his veins.

The soldiers stood their ground, but fear was rising quickly in their hearts. The blood covered mad man and his wolf had emerged from the darkness like demons from the deepest pit. The look in the man’s eyes was dark and rage filled, giving them pause to the idea of fighting or fleeing. One of the soldiers lowered his sword as he nodded to the others. They turned and slowly backed off.

“Who the hell are you?” The one they referred to earlier as Darrin asked.

“I’m your judge and executioner.” Rastain snarled as he slowly continued circling.

“Rimick and Haydrin have already been sentenced for their crimes, now it’s time for your sentencing.” Rastain spat out the words with contempt.

“What?” Darrin asked. He knew instantly that there was no reasoning with this man.

“You killed and slaughtered innocents. Women and children in the dark while they slept.” Rastain pointed his sword directly at Darrin.

Darrin swallowed hard. This crazy man must be referring to the elven caravan they had encountered earlier. Rimick and Haydrin had been ordered to detain them.  Haydin although had a taste for blood, Darrin could easily guess what they had done.

“Look… I didn’t order my men to do any such thing.” Darrin tried to plead with Rastain.

“Enough… you carry the responsibility for the actions of your men.” Rastain shouted as he nodded to Sid.

The wolf reacted instantly leaping into the air and knocking one of the soldiers to the ground. The soldier tried to fight back but sid was a blur of fangs and fur. The wolf went instantly for the soldier’s throat, ripping out bone and flesh in one swift motion. Rastain charged forward swinging his sword at Darrin as he spun around to come behind the soldier. Darrin barely was able to recover. He backed up and raise his sword in defense. The blood gushed out of his nearly severed left arm as he raised his sword to defend off Rastain’s relentless barrage of slashing blades.

Darrin’s attempt at parrying off the attacks was feeble and ineffective. Rastain’s twin blades sliced through the Erahaim’s neck in one swift motion. Rastain stood over the fallen man’s body as he stood with his back to the remaining soldier. He needed a witness, a survivor that would tell the others the cost of slaughtering innocent elves.

“Run…” Rastain growled over his shoulder.

The remaining soldier needed no further encouragement. He had stood motionless and transfixed in horror as the wolf and blood crazed hunter had slaughtered his two companions. He was just a foot soldier following orders, untested and newly recruited. The soldier ran toward a small cusp of tree’s where their horses had been and grabbed the nearest one. He paused to look over his shoulder as he galloped off. The wolf stood silhouetted against the dark sky its blue eyes seemed to burn into his soul from atop the small hill. The blood crazed hunter was chasing him on foot. He spurred his horse on faster as the image of the hunter’s blood covered face and body was burnt into his mind’s eye.

Rastain led chase only for a minute or so. The horse quickly out distanced him and headed deeper into Erahaim territory. The soldier would live another night, maybe another day.