Kaldr Bane Chronicles

Kaldr Bane Chronicles

Kaldr Bane Chronicles :

Set in the time before the events in the novel “Ancient darkness”, this graphic novel series chronicles the past of Rastain Monsaic and the mysterious events that will shape the future of Shadora.

It’s the height of the “Elden Wars” and the time of the guilds. The frost elves from the deep north, the dark elves from the dark under city of Faranahshi and the High born elves of Queshanmori are embattled in a vicious racial war. Rastain monsaic a ranger for the high elven rangers, finds that his mixed heritage is now a hindrance as he tries to forge a lasting peace amongst the elves.

In the midst of all the turmoil a guild will be born. They will call themselves Kaldr Bane, and in doing so they will set in motion a sequence of events that will echo through out time.


“During the time of the guilds and the Elden wars, a young ranger sets out to unify the Elves and forge a foundation for peace.
  Rastain Monsaic’s mysterious past will shape the things to come for the world of Shadora.”


 The online comic is live and well underway with several issues already posted. Best part it’s free !



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