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The End of Days

The above video was created by a great friend of mine. His message is amazing and will change the way you view things.

Enjoy My Latest Video – “The End Of Days”

The end of something is the beginning of something so much greater. I believe there will be an end to the hard times we face, an end to the hard days to come, and a beginning of a new reality for us all. I have spoken about climate change, flooding, earthquakes, volcanoes, economic collapse, war, drought, and more, and everything I have shared we have seen, but the biggest change is yet to come.

The footage I shared in the second half of the video is ALL FOOTAGE from the last couple of months. On July 18th I began sharing a Warning to everyone, that we needed to turn back to the Lord. And yet nothing has changed. We need to come together and bring an end to all war, we need to bring an end to all hate, we need to bring an end to all suffering, and we need to bring an end to lack. WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND WHAT WE DO TO OTHERS WE DO TO OURSELVES…. This is our final hour, this is our last chance for positive change without change being thrust upon us all. We need to return to the Lord, we need to Love! Please do subscribe, and please do SHARE THIS VIDEO if you too feel that something is about to break free, one way or another. I love you, Jacob Israel — For more information visit

The message fits right in with my series “The Marshall Kaine Journals”. Also one of the main characters “Noah Israel” in my new novel Afallon is based on Jacob himself.

Please take the time to watch the video and pay attention to the ending and the message he is sharing.


The watchman’s warning.


The watchman’s warning -The Marshall Kaine Journals

“It is the duty of the watch to blow the horn and sound the alarm.”

I’ve been in worse places then this. The judges tavern, a small pub in the lower section of town, nestled along the canal front. The patrons are mainly blue collar works, many living in the small neighborhood that runs the length of the canal. The place is old and the stench of the canal water seems to permeate through the walls. The owners try to keep the place up, though you can tell money is tight and repairs are only done when truly needed.

The patrons don’t bother me and I don’t bother them. They basically ignore me and go about talking and drinking. I prefer it that way. The last thing I want is trouble. I rather sit back and enjoy my drink in peace. I’m waiting for a new contact to arrive a researcher by the name of Nathan Bloomfield. Nathan claims he has information and evidence of one of the world’s biggest cover up and conspiracy. I highly doubt it. I’ll still give him a chance to convince me otherwise.

The music is way to loud to even hear the large screen TV above the bar. The TV is playing the  nightly news, so I am left with reading the news banners and tickers as they scroll across the screen. The local stuff bores me, but I pay attention once the national news starts. They are talking about Senator Calvin. He’s been making a lot of noise in the news and on the senate floor as of late. He wants the government to fully disclose all the evidence of alien life that is being withheld.

At first  he sounded like a wacko and no one took him seriously, till he started exposing several hidden programs. The first program he exposed was the secret space fleet that has been in production for years. Those in power quickly dismissed that as experimental projects for space exploration and not one of those so called “ships” has ever left earth orbit.  Shortly after that he started making speeches and demanding full disclosure.

The response was expected. First they ridiculed him and sought to discredit him. He remained vigilante and fought back. The next step will be to threaten him and try to control and silence him.  The current new broadcast is proving that to be true. The federal government just announced they would be investigate him and several claims of espionage and collusion with possible foreign governments. In other words they are going to blackmail him. If that doesn’t work they will have to get rid of him some how. I wish him luck. If what he is saying is true and he can prove it. I’m behind him one hundred percent. On the other hand if what he says is not true or he cannot prove it, he will have only himself to blame in the end.

The news switched over to sports and entertainment. I find it amusing  that our attention span is so limited these days. The sleepless masses would rather be entertained and  coddled then informed and in control of their own lives and destiny. I wonder sometimes why I even bother writing these journal entries, maybe I just like hearing my own voice echoing in my head.

 I see Nathan enter the bar. He’s hard to miss. The wild unkempt hair that seems to stick  up all over the place coupled with the nervousness of a cat in a room full of rocking chairs makes him stick out in a crowd. I wave him over and order another drink. It’s time to get this show started. I hope it’s worth it. The last thing I want to hear is about his experiences seeing lights in the sky that disappeared when planes approached. He likes telling me that story for some reason.

~ end of journal entry~

The last witness

kaine final effects

The last witness – The Marshall Kaine Journals.

The camps officially opened today. They say it was in response to the civil unrest and rioting that has been boiling over for the last few years. I know better, this was planned long before the unrest and rioting escalated. There use to be rumors of the camps existence for years and everyone just ignored it.  The old ruined sections of the cities are now  being rebuilt into Federal District Campuses. I see them for what they are, birthing pains and signs of more things to come.

Those that have taken to rioting and violent civil disobedience do not realize they are actually giving more power and justification to those oppressing them. Violence doesn’t gain sympathetic followers. It attracts anarchy and chaos. They chant “Down with the government.”  “Down with system.” “Down with the corporations.”

They offer nothing in return for toppling the system. Attacking the puppets does nothing to the puppet master.  The puppet master will simply make more puppets and continue on with the show. There are those who see it and understand what it is that we are facing,  though their voices are lost in the chanting of anarchist and chaos mongers.

The truth needs to be exposed not through violent means, but through  the changing of minds. Showing those asleep that they need to awaken.

I know my words will come against me one day. So I continue to find others who have awakened. The truth we have revealed will come out one day. We just need to be prepared to deal with the fall out. The last witness will have to take a stand and declare the crimes of the puppet master. They will have to be prepared to speak the truth with evidence and conviction. They cannot present a theory or thinly veiled evidence. They must stand before the sleeping masses and hold the smoking gun high above their heads and declare:

“I have the proof right here.”

The Marshall Kaine Journals – Excerpts from the backstory and historical archives from my new novel series: Afallon.

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What is this Madness?


What is this Madness – The Marshall Kaine Journals.


I think I understand that term more now than ever before.  You want to simply turn back time and go return to the time  when things were normal. You yearn for the bliss of ignorance. I was once  living in ignorance and I wasn’t even aware of it. I thought I understood the world and how it worked. I thought I understood the concepts and precepts of this modern society. I even scoffed and ridiculed those that spoke out, trying to open our eyes to  the  real danger.

My awaking was violent and sudden. My eyes were not merely opened, no they were overexposed to the glaring light. I saw the governments of the world for what they were, puppets dancing to an unheard song. The plots and dealings made in the dark of night, not for the benefit of mankind, but for its detriment. All this in the name of greed and the lust for power.

I know I sound like a madman, a conspiracy nut that sees men in suits and black unmarked vehicles at every corner. I do though, not because I am mad but because they are real. They are watching. The sleepers are ignored, for they pose no threat. The awakened are the real threat, for the awaken can change history and derail their plans.

It sounds mad and it is madness.  I wanted to walk away and ignore it. I wanted to fall back asleep and pretend nothing had ever happened. I couldn’t, it wouldn’t let me. The never silent nagging in my mind that pointed me to every hidden truth as I watched the world around me. The suffering and pain of others that should not have been. The disease and famine. The hatred and religious wars. The holding back of cures and technologies for profit and control. I saw it for the first time and understood what it was.


If you can control the fear and anxiety of the populous you can make them believe and do anything. All of that though pales in comparison to what is coming. The horrors that are just beyond the horizon.

I ran. I knew no other option. I was going mad and the only course of action for me was to run and hide from what I knew. The dreams though, the dreams reminded me night after night. She reminded me every time I closed my eyes.

It has been five years now and for five years I have been dreaming about her. The dreams are always the same and they are always connected.  We are together and on the run, from something or some one.  We stand against this foe in strength and in arms. We are one in both purpose and in mind.

I have known her for many years.  We may be separated at the moment but we are connected. I want to tell her that I have been dreaming about her. I want to tell her about  the danger we will face together. I don’t though, she will think I am mad. I have fallen in love with her, not just in my dreams but in reality. I could not bare the thought of her thinking I am mad. So I do nothing, I hear the warnings and I settle into my madness. I have no other recourse…


The Journal’s of Marshall Kaine are writings that I never used in the new novel series Afallon.  I have many more and will continue to share them. They set a tone and a background  for the events leading up to the novel and give you a great feel of what the story is like.

Secrets within the mystery.



“What happens when you pull away the scales that have covered your eyes your entire life? The secrets within the mystery start to unravel,  and  the  truth slowly begins to emerge. What secrets you ask. The  secrets   behind the lies and the falsehoods behind the delusion. Those are the secrets that I am referring to.”

Conspiracies, secrets and hidden truths. Why are we drawn to these types of claims? Why do we enjoy reading books and watching TV shows about them? What drives us to be enticed by those words?

Finally what does the image at the top of this post have to do with it?

First off the picture really has nothing to do with the post. It’s a scene from my recent novel. So we can simply leave that as it is.

I want to start first with the definition of a conspiracy. The dictionary defines a conspiracy as follows:

“A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful…”

“A plan or agreement formed in secret, by two or more persons to commit an unlawful,harmful or treacherous act…”

We don’t always think of it that way. Instead we think of subterfuge and intrigue. We think about secret societies plotting to take over the world. We think about government cover-ups in regards to aliens and so forth. We seem to be drawn to these types of stories because we want the answers to questions that we cannot answer and others cannot answer in a satisfactory manner. The questions are the same ones we as a species, race, civilization and society have seemed to ask throughout time.

“Why are we here?”

“Who are we?”

“What is the purpose of life?”

Science, religion, mythology and even science fiction have tried to answer that. The religious answers are obvious as well as the spiritual and metaphysical ones. I don’t want to really get into those because that is not the point of what I am trying to say. Each one of us has a different journey to take and experience. The road down the spiritual and metaphysical differs for each person. What is considered religion to one person is different to another. To beat that drum at this moment wouldn’t accomplish much.

The real secret within the mystery is not a secret nor is it a mystery. Our worst enemy is ourselves. We do not need to look to outside sources such as government or beings from another world to envision our destruction, we are completely capable of doing that ourselves.  We let hate, race, religion, politics and ideology divide us. We draw lines in the sand and claim we are on the correct side of the line, while anyone on the other side is our enemy. Instead of extending an open hand in love and acceptance we extend a fist in defiance of the differences we see in others. Unless we love one another and raise each other up nothing will change. We have torn each other down and degrade others for long enough.  It is time to stop claiming we are tolerant of others. All the while we are degrading those who we believe are intolerant because of their views. We  need to embrace those who are different than us and believe differently. Until we see that we are all the same in the eyes of God we will always remain in the darkness. This is the real secret of the mystery.

Twelve Scrolls

twleve scrolls

They blame me for the conditions of their souls. It does not matter that their minds could not gaze past the ignorance that scaled over their eyes, forcing them to see through a dimly lit stained glass. I was merely the messenger of their demise. I delivered the twelve scrolls, as instructed. I was not the creator nor the object of the message within the scrolls.

The Shamari and the dragons, the great caretakers and shepherds of the lower races, fell first. They coveted power and it consumed them. Thus they blamed the scrolls  and the prophecies held with, for the final nature of their demise. They now fester and rot in the lands of their births. The great cities lie in ruins, the lush valleys and forests, burnt and petrified, cursed for their defiance. The appointed hour to be determined, when they will be released once again.

It has all come to pass as it should. I find it amusing as the great scribe Jiran struggles in vain to find meaning hidden in the text. Can he not see? Can he not comprehend that the message is simple? I fear the wise are sometimes duller the witless. The story is always the same. The creator and the destroy fighting over the various worlds of the universe. One intends to save and the other destroy. The scene always plays out the same, just the players change. The creation only sees the true message in the end, as the world burns and fades out of existence.

I have seen this a thousand times upon a thousand worlds. Shadora is not unique in this manner. They are unique though in the fact that they refuse to accept their fate. One conspires with the destroyer, believing he can trick him of his due prize. Others refuse the mantle of champion placed on them by the creator.

I find this curious.

Watch with me as the great scribe struggles to explain this…

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The storyteller

“Grandpa… I asked dad what Kaldr bane meant the other day and he told me to ask you.” Ash looked up and noticed his Grandfather gazing into the fire his eyes misting over and glassy.
“Grandpa..?” Ash asked again.
Grandpa looked down at Ash and saw a spitting image of the boy’s father. The memories of a lifetime quickly came rushing back into his mind threatening to over take his senses. He sighed and smiled at Ash.
“I suppose the easiest way to explain it is like this. Kaldr bane stands for hope. It’s the destruction or the bane of all the dark and hopeless things that we come to identify winter by. These things are despair, darkness and hopelessness….” Grandpa paused as Ash interrupted him.
“But I like winter grandpa… it is fun playing in the snow”
Grandpa looked down at the innocence on Ash’s face. He could tell the youth really didn’t understand.
“What about the cold and darkness? The bitter bite of the wind as it whistles through the keeps walls?”
“Well then I sit near the fire to get warm…” Ash smiled as he looked satisfied with his answer.
Grandpa smiled back. “That’s what Kaldr bane is… It’s the warmth of the fire that brings back hope to your cold and dark world…”
Ash looked at the floor and concentrated hard as he tried to understand what his grandfather was saying.
“I don’t get it… Kaldr bane means fire?”
Grandpa smiled and leaned back in his chair as he let his mind drift down the corridors of his past.
“Maybe you are too young to understand what that really means… Let me tell you a story to explain it instead….

Above Excerpt from  “Ancient Darkness – A Novel By R.K. Souliske”