Ancient Darkness

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An ancient evil has risen. Slowly its dark hand covers over the land like an unseen fog. Powers and Principalities long held as mere myths once again walk the land, lurking in the shadows as they plot and plan. The ultimate goal is to control and rule over all of creation. While legends and long lost powers of ages past, stir in the darkness seeking revenge and justice for an age old punishment.

The second holy war of the firstborn has begun as the powers of darkness and light clash once again. This time the fate of all Shadora hangs in the balance as ancient prophecies are fulfilled. Ushering in an age of war and destruction.The mortal races are caught in the middle of this holy war as demons and self proclaimed gods rain down death and destruction on a defenseless world. Those that refuse to worship and submit to the iron will of darkness are eliminated and deemed unworthy.

A small band of unlikely companions have been chosen by the one creator to wage war in his name and defend the light. Thrust forward into the very heart of the war,they learn the truth of the real evil behind the fanatic holy crusade of the Erahaim.

A line has been drawn as those that believe in the one true creator stand against the risen  Ancient darkness.

” Ancient Darkness – Written by R.K. Souliske”

Ancient Darkness cover may 2013

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