The world will burn: Is the official sound track for Seven Gates – Where angels fall.

I am extremely excited to announce that The World Will Burn has agreed to let me use their music as the official soundtrack for Seven Gates – Where Angels Fall.  Their music is perfect for the series and Dale Thompson the lead singer is also the voice of Azazel. It’s like Christmas today. 🙂

Thanks so much Dale and Alan you guys rock! Literally.

I’ve listed the bands bio and official videos as well as the link to their website. These guys rock you wont regret it!

The World Will Burn Official Website


A breath of fresh air in the metal genre…”



Bringing a fresh perspective to the world of heavy music, The World Will Burn was founded in 2015 as an alternative to onslaught of metal bands that have proliferated in the past decade.  Sensing that fans wanted modern music with key elements found in classic hard music of the past, TWWB released their debut album “Severity” in January of 2016.  The album gained significant exposure and was highly regarded by fans and critics alike.  “Severity” soon rose to #1 on Amazon’s Hot Alternative Metal Download chart had a #1 single on the same chart, with 2 other songs reaching the top 50.
In 2017 The World Will Burn released their sophomore album, “RuiNation”.  This album continued the same formula of success found in their debut release, but added significant texture and more experimentation the band became known for.  A better album across the board, “RuiNation” promises to bring an entirely new audience into the following.
Featuring former BRIDE front man Dale Thompson, TWWB contains gritty, powerful vocals fans have come to know through his past 12 studio albums and live shows around the world.  Joining Thompson is Alan Zaring, a new comer to the genre, who delivers intensity, creativity, and overwhelmingly catchy hooks to the music.  The World Will Burn focuses on raw emotion, and we welcome you to experience a new force in the world of heavy music.


Dale Thompson                              Alan Zaring

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