What secrets lie beyond the mists?

Raziel 3

 (Excerpt from the Novel – “Ancient darkness”)

Raziel looked into the mists as he wondered what really lay hidden in the wastes. Legends, rumors and myths that’s all he had ever heard. Lord Aldus Tanvir had entered the wastes and returned with the Shamari as his slaves. A god returning in victory to prove to those that had doubted that he truly was a god. Since that glorious moment the Erahaim had risen from the ashes of history and began to show the world the true ways to salvation.

Raziel shrugged, and remounted his horse. His knights stood at attention as his second in command rode up next to him.

“Do we enter or do we wait here?” Galleon’s long white hair fluttered in the wind from under his helm, like a griffin’s mane as he stared into the wastes. Raziel didn’t answer he merely tapped the large knights arm and pointed to the mists. A cloaked figure could be seen emerging from the mists. The figure was slender and moved with extreme grace almost as if it was floating above the ground. Galleon drew his sword and stood in front of Raziel, shielding him from danger. Raziel scowled in annoyance as he rode forward, ignoring the hurt expression on Galleon’s face.

Galleon was loyal to Raziel in every way, but that loyalty stood in the way many times. Raziel needed to show strength and leadership in front of an unknown ally or foe. The appearance of a coddled prince was what Galleon’s actions conveyed and that annoyed Raziel. He was neither prince nor royalty. He had earned his way through life with his own blood, sweat and tears.

“Commander Acara? I presume” The voice whispered from under the black hood. The female voice was unmistakable. The tone was seductive and alluring.

“Yes. And you are?” Raziel remained seated on his mount. If the Shamari had sent a female escort then they truly did not understand the Erahaim ways.  In the eyes of the Erahaim women had no place in battle and no place in society. The Erahaim saw women as nothing more then mates and companions. It was an insult to the Erahaim by sending a female to any function as a legal or diplomatic representative. The concept of a female warrior was an abomination in and of it self. The Erahaim Empire had already destroyed entire cities and cultures due to such insults.

“My name is Felscha, I was instructed to meet you here and await the arrival of my Lord.” She lowered the hood of her cloak revealing her long silky black hair and silver toned skin. She was more beautiful then any elven woman that Raziel had ever seen. She looked at him and smiled her fangs glistened as she did. The slightest movement made her skin shimmer slightly as she looked directly at Raziel captivating and alluring him.

“Why must we wait? We had been told we would be met here.”  Raziel spurred his horse forward entering into the mists. He was not going to wait like a commoner. The Shamari served at the Erahaim’s leisure, not the other way around.

There was a burst of darkness that exploded before Raziel’s horse. The mighty black war steed reared up on its hind legs lashing out with its front hooves. The darkness just swirled and twisted around the horse. Raziel pulled back on the reins and pulled the horse back a few feet. The horse protested as it pawed at the ground and pranced from side to side. The warhorse trained from birth to be a knight’s steed sensed the battle but saw none. Its frustration mounting each moment it was unable to do what it had been bred to do.

The darkness suddenly collapsed in on itself and swirled into form. Felscha stood in front of Raziel swords drawn ready to slay the knight if he dare enter the wastes.

“What’s this?” Raziel laughed as he mentally accessed her. She was graceful and agile and she had abilities that he couldn’t understand. Her race was unknown to him, but she was trained as a warrior that much he could tell by the way she held her swords and the positioning of her balance and stance. Most Erahaim would simply slay her right there for her insolence, but doing so here would be foolish and simply it made no sense to do so. If a woman warrior was so offensive to the Lord Aldus then let him smite her in his omnipotent knowledge and vision. Raziel smiled as he looked up and saw nothing, no smiting, no lighting came crashing down from the heavens. He wasn’t surprised as he glanced over to Galleon and noticed the grave look and rising anger in the large man’s expression. Galleon held more faith then Raziel in many matters and his faith was severely offended at this moment.

“You can not enter the wastes…your kind is not welcome there.” Felshca’s words slithered off her tongue as it linger on her fangs. She wanted to fight that much was obvious another sign that this race of beings was bred as fighters.

“And your kind is?” he asked her.

She smiled wickedly as she relaxed and lowered her swords. She knew he was probing for information and he could careless that she knew it. Felscha found this interesting. She had never spoken with many humans. Those that she had met were only in battle, skewered on the points of her blades.

“The Dhafir are not from your world… there for the guardians of the wastes ignore us. All others cannot enter and only those that have been freed can leave.” She sheathed her swords and looked over her shoulders into the mists.

“We will wait here as instructed… or we can fight over it.” The wicked grin appeared again as she glanced at the shadows and the mists again. Raziel took notice of this movement and instantly assumed more Dhafir, as Felscha had called them, lingered in the mists. He nodded to himself as he slipped down from his horse.

“Dismount!!” He ordered to his knights. He crossed his arms and leaned up against a charred and petrified tree.

“We wait.” He looked directly at Felscha never letting his gaze shift from hers.


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