The evolution of a changing world.

The evolution of a created world is always something that takes the creator by surprise. If your an artist , writer, craftsman or whatever creative form you use to express your thoughts and ideas, change is the one constant. As a storyteller my  mind is always evolving the worlds I create. I can not help it, its just the nature of the beast. Some stories grab you and force you to take residence in the world you have created. You do so as a loving parent. As time goes on and you improve your skills you realize that the world you have so loving created has also undergone a huge change. I myself have just witnessed this.

I released my novel “Ancient Darkness”  seven months ago. In that time I have seen the online comic series spring to life and just recently the graphic novelization of the novel go into production. I teamed up with an amazingly talented comic artist by the name of Paul Martin. Paul has taken the novel and started to create it over into a graphic novel, chapter by chapter. The following images are samples of Paul’s past work and give you a great feel as to the direction of the graphic novel.

( The ink work on the last two images was done by Emil J  Novak SR. of Queencity comics in Buffalo New York )


With Paul’s input and suggestions the online digital comic is also evolving. We wanted both projects to intertwine one picking up where the other left off. In turn this has created a new feel and look to the world and its characters. The make over has been in the works for weeks now. New character looks and designs as well as a revamp of the look and feel of the world. Some changes are cosmetic others are huge altering changes to the story arc and presentation of the story. Paul has be instrumental in pushing the boundaries of Shadora and Kaldr bane. I took every suggestion and bit of advice and started working on new content and redesigns.

Kaldr bane age of ruin promo

So my advise to every artist, author, storyteller etc out there is “embrace change” . You never know where change will lead you.

I recently got a email from my publisher and in it he mentioned one line that I feel is fitting at this time.

“Create something bigger than your book”


2 thoughts on “The evolution of a changing world.”

  1. Hello! I completely agree with you. As a writer/artist it seems like my work is never done. I guess because we’re constantly learning and evolving so it reflects in the changes we make to our work in progress. Your entire project is quite intriguing! Good luck with it all. All the best!

    ~ Vashti

  2. Thank you Vashti ( I just love that name 🙂 ) – I never thought it would turn into a huge project, but then again it’s a challenge as well as extremely fun. I love the adventure of the journey itself. The best part is letting others experience the journey with me .

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