Children of Helios


“Our world was born upon the ashes of the old world.

We don’t tell our children stories of monsters under their beds.

We don’t tell our elders that the monsters are just in their heads.

Our monsters are real.

Our demons rise when the darkness falls.

We do not look to the past in reverence and awe.

The old ways are dead, as is the old world itself.

Superstitions and religion no longer divide us, for we now know the truth.

Our inheritance is chaos and war.

A new world born  through fire and ash.

Our legacy will be one of survival  and strength.

We are the children of Helios.”

Children of Helios is the newest anime project I am working on. Ok, one of the newest projects, I always have several going at once. I’ve never really worked on an anime or manga style story before. It will be a new experience that’s for sure. I plan on sharing as much of the experience as I can with you. I’m not sure if it’s going to be a comic or animation as of yet. I may try both and see where it all leads to in the end.


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