Forgotten Lands

Before the fall…

Before the curse…

Before we forgot about them…

Rastain Forgotten Lands

A second sneak peak of the graphic novel is now available in an updated version with new content and pages. I have found this project to be extremely rewarding but challenging as well.  Layout and graphic content  are the first points of contention. I tend to go back again and again wanting to add “just one more thing”. Capturing the right look and feel has also been something I have paid a lot of attention to.

The atmosphere and the story line is what I have found to be interesting and the most challenging. Telling tales with words and pictures at the same time is so different then just writing a short story or novel. Point of view, context, dialogue and flow are still the same, however the way you deliver them is where the challenge arises. So far I have focused on the presentation and storyline. so you may find some grammar issues or syntax issues but its a work in progress that I wanted to share along the way. I wanted to show the stages and the progress over time from beginning to end product.

I wont bore you with words and paragraphs any longer. I hope you enjoy the sample and keep in mind this is an evolving project, as you can see from this sample and the first.


2 thoughts on “Forgotten Lands”

    1. Thank you. That means a lot.

      I’m a perfectionist on the twelve step program. Twelve steps forward then twelve steps back to verify that I took the first twelve correctly… LOL

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