The Dragon lily

Lilly incursion promo 1

The last three nights she has invaded my dreams. I don’t normally put much thought or meaning into dreams, but I cannot deny theses dreams. They are vivid dreams. She is always there, her beauty is intoxicating and I feel connected to her in ways I cannot explain.

I don’t feel disconnected like I normally do in dreams. No, these dreams feel more like memories or soon to be memories.

“Something is coming, something big and soon.”

This is what echoes in my mind as I wake. The dream fades but her face doesn’t. She’s with me throughout the day lingering in my mind. The slightest thought or smell brings her back into my thoughts.

I tried to explain it to people, my friends and family, but they just smiled at me and told me to spend less time on the internet. It’s frustrating as I wonder if she is having the same dreams. Is it just me and are they just dreams? Is it something more, something much larger? Is it really possible that she can be having the same dreams? There’s a part of me that wants her to be having the same dreams, just to validate what it is that I have been experiencing. I also want to spare her the experience, since the nature of the dreams isn’t always pleasurable.

The re-education camps or specialized training camps as they called them, is where we first appear in my dreams. They are nothing more than internment camps, no matter what the government designates them as. Executive orders state the purpose of the camps to be for training and reintegration back into the work force. Only problem with that is not many people leave the camps. The few that do leave the camps are usually no better off than they were before.

 “The government is mother, is father” is the mantra they now live by.

We survive the camps and for one reason or another we are released. The dreams never clearly state why, but I get the feeling once again something big is about to happen.

I see the world as one would see it from outer space, and as always her face. We are fighting some unknown force, always on the run. We only have each other and we depend on that. I feel like I have known her, that somehow I have been connected to her my entire life.

I see her broken and defiant in front of an unknown enemy, I try to reach her side, I need to rescue her but I’m prevented from doing so. She looks at me, and I can see it in her eyes, she feels it as well.

She whispers “Something is coming…..”

The world is suddenly burning. The stars are blotted out as I float above it all. I can hear what sounds like a dragon roaring in the distance. It’s shadow covers over the earth as it burns. I awake and stare into the darkness. I want to close my eyes and return. I need to return but I dare not. The sense of apprehension is thick and palatable, it drives me to remember and keep her image alive in my mind.

I need to find her. She’s out there.

“Lily” I whisper her name and close my eyes.

Maybe she will hear me and whisper my name back….


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