Rastain Monsaic - Ancient Darkness - R.K.Souliske

“I have a proud heritage, one that stems not from nobility and long lineages but from honor and courage. My parents fought during the great war. The war that the elves call “the time of great sorrow”, while the dwarves grumble and swear “Told you so”. Some misguided humans, who desire power over all else called it “the time of great strength”. Regardless of what the great war was called it was a dark time that ripped apart all of Shadora.

The scars across the land still remain, even as the shadows of evil slowly slip away. We must always remain vigilante and never let the blood of our forefathers be in vain. Peace and freedom for all the races was won, not by just one person but by all. Today we see our memory slowly fade and our endurance falter. We let politics and the games of kings decide our fates. The battles that once were waged with magic and steel are now fought in the shadows with daggers and decrees. The blood of our forefathers cries out for us to remember. Remember what it was they fought for..”

Ash put the quill down as he stretched. He had been at his desk for hours, writing and rewriting the same speech over and over again. He wasn’t a politician, he was a warrior like his father and mother. The others though felt differently. They hung the very future of the kingdom on his shoulders, upon his family’s name.

A soft knock at the door interrupted his thinking. He sighed in relief as he looked up at the old tattered Kaldr bane flag that hung on the wall. He let his hand run along the flags torn edges as he remembered his father and mother.

“Enter” he answered as the soft knock sounded once again. The door slowly opened as a young maid entered. Her long blond hair cascaded down over her face as she entered with her head bowed.

“I apologize for the intrusion sire.” She spoke softly as she entered the room.

“Stop that. How many times must I tell you Summer, do not call me sire and do not act like you are my servant.” Ash answered with irritation.

Summer smiled and nodded. She could hear his father in his tone.

“The dwarves and the elven representatives are waiting for you in the main hall.” She smiled as Ash frowned. He hated meeting with politicians and it showed on his face and in his overall demeanor.

“just to be forewarned, they are not happy”

“Who the dwarves or the elves?” Ash asked, even though he already knew the answer.

“Both of them” Summer answered as she picked up his cloak from a chair and held it for him.

“Of course they are unhappy…. they expect the impossible. They both want their way and have thousands of reasons why it must be so.” Ash grumbled as he headed for the door. He stopped and turned abruptly.

“What would our father have done in this situation?” He asked Summer.

She had been with his father and mother for many years following the great war, after they had found her barely alive They had nursed her back to health and took her in like family. They never asked her why she was left for dead on the roadside, nor did they ever wonder about it. Summer had grown up with Ash. She was his older sister. She was elven by heritage, but she was a Monsaic by right.

“He would have simply burnt Xanter to the ground” She smirked as she left the room.


Extended Universe excerpt from future projects and novels that are in the works. I hope you Enjoy!


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