“Are you a religious man doc?”

 “I consider myself a man of faith if that’s what you mean.” The doctor answered, noting John’s sudden change of focus. Taking the focus off of himself and projecting the conversation towards another. He needed to guide John back.

 “So were you religiously motivated? Are you trying to tell me God told you to commit this crime?” The harsh disapproving tone in the doctor’s voice was not missed by John.

“No doc, this has nothing to do with God… at least not in the sense you are suggesting.” John sighed, like an adult trying to explain the simplest of things to a stubborn child.

 “Do you truly believe that God would create a vast universe full of mystery and beauty and thousands upon billions of stars and galaxies and then make life only possible here on this little dirt ball of a planet?”

John’s question once again confused the doctor. Nothing seemed connected. Every question and statement John was making pointed in several different directions at once. The patient’s psychosis was splintering off into any direction that his imagination dared venture at. John’s mind was at the whim of his own fantasy. The most puzzling part was John showed no sign of derangement or paranoia that most subjects would have shown. Instead he appeared frustrated. The doctor got the sense that John was fighting against something. John was desperately trying to sum up a much larger story in mere moments.

 “Such things are better left to theologians and scholars; their time is much better spent debating such things. Our time now is better served in getting to the core of your problems.”

 “But that’s the very problem that exists, we let others tell us what to think! They are counting on that! The more lost we are in our ways of thinking and understanding of the universe and our place in it. The better off they are!” John’s frustration was evident as he continued to look at the clock.

 “Everyday of our lives we walk around ignorant of what really is going on around us. We hear stories, rumors but we just shove them off as conspiracy and fantasy. Have you ever once stopped and thought, why does every story, myth from every culture of the world since the dawn of civilization always seem to tell us the same story?” John sighed as he tried to tell the doctor everything he knew and had discovered.

 “We have been lied to, manipulated and controlled for centuries. That’s all over now. The two sides have drawn a line in the sand and one of them has decided to step over that line.” John was getting frantic he could feel the rumbling from deep within the ground even from several stories up. He focused his mind and took a deep breathe. He needed the doctor to understand and not just right him off as a lunatic.

Just a small excerpt from one of the novels that I have been kicking around over in the background.


2 thoughts on “Incursion”

    1. Sorry about my spam filter holding this comment up! Thank you for the comment! and I hope you enjoy the things to come – I’m working on some graphic novels at the moment hoping to post some teasers soon! If you are on face book check out the author page there lots of info
      Once again thank you for stopping by! Hope to hear from you again.

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