The storyteller

“Grandpa… I asked dad what Kaldr bane meant the other day and he told me to ask you.” Ash looked up and noticed his Grandfather gazing into the fire his eyes misting over and glassy.
“Grandpa..?” Ash asked again.
Grandpa looked down at Ash and saw a spitting image of the boy’s father. The memories of a lifetime quickly came rushing back into his mind threatening to over take his senses. He sighed and smiled at Ash.
“I suppose the easiest way to explain it is like this. Kaldr bane stands for hope. It’s the destruction or the bane of all the dark and hopeless things that we come to identify winter by. These things are despair, darkness and hopelessness….” Grandpa paused as Ash interrupted him.
“But I like winter grandpa… it is fun playing in the snow”
Grandpa looked down at the innocence on Ash’s face. He could tell the youth really didn’t understand.
“What about the cold and darkness? The bitter bite of the wind as it whistles through the keeps walls?”
“Well then I sit near the fire to get warm…” Ash smiled as he looked satisfied with his answer.
Grandpa smiled back. “That’s what Kaldr bane is… It’s the warmth of the fire that brings back hope to your cold and dark world…”
Ash looked at the floor and concentrated hard as he tried to understand what his grandfather was saying.
“I don’t get it… Kaldr bane means fire?”
Grandpa smiled and leaned back in his chair as he let his mind drift down the corridors of his past.
“Maybe you are too young to understand what that really means… Let me tell you a story to explain it instead….

Above Excerpt from  “Ancient Darkness – A Novel By R.K. Souliske”


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