The Faceless Enemy

A man stood looking back over the path he had traveled. He looked forward and saw only choices. So many choices and so little answers. He saw just darkness and fog, covering over the unknown path before him, as far as he could see. The dark forest seemed alive and treacherous to him. All he could hear were is own echoing thoughts.

Which was the correct path?

Which one led to joy?

Which one led to suffering?

He wasn’t sure where to go next. Soon a stranger arrived and offered to show him the correct path to take. The man sadly stood there and said “No thank you”. Some time later the stranger returned and asked if the man wanted him to show him the way yet. The man sadly stood there and said “No thank you”. This time the stranger asked him why.

The man answered “I keep trying to choose but my feet refuse to move, they are stuck. Content I think to stay here in this very place”. The stranger smiled and simply answered.”They are not stuck you just keep repeating the same steps over and over, because you fear the faceless enemy.” The man looked up at the stranger and said,” The faceless enemy?”. The stranger simply smiled again and answered. “The faceless enemy, he hides in the shadows whispering in your ear.”

“No you cant go that way – what if you make a mistake and lose your way? How will you ever get back to this place where it is safe?”

“He will whisper this for each path you choose. You then will simply repeat this story over and over, and the result will always be the same. You have been walking in place for so long, you convinced yourself that your feet are stuck.” The stranger smiled again. His smile was infectious and his demeanor was confident. The man couldn’t help but feel like this stranger really knew what he was talking about.

“So how do I defeat this faceless enemy?”  The man asked.

“You don’t you simply take a chance and stop saying no thank you.” The stranger answered as he extended his hand.


How often do we repeat the same things over and over in our lives?

Do we take chances and make different choices?

Do we stick with “What we know” as our preferred mode of operation?

The faceless enemy is always our own fears. Fear of failure, fear of rejection or fear of the unknown. The list is endless we all fear something in one way or another. It’s time though to take a chance and challenge what we think, what we believe and what we fear. Take the hand that reaches out to us and plunge forward.

Adventure awaits!

(Ok I could not help but use Doctor Who images, they just fit.)


2 thoughts on “The Faceless Enemy”

    1. Thanks Jen ! It is worth it in the end, we just need that little reminder and push from time to time. I always enjoy meeting other Whovians ! We never look at the world the same way again after encountering the Doctor! I hope to hear from you again in the future.

      Thank you again,

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