Soul Sabbath by Dale Thompson

Dale Thompson the front man for the band Bride has written an amazing novel and has made it available for all to download free.

Here’s the description in his own words.

I have written a series of books called “The Eternal Mortal Series.” The first book in the series is called “Soul Sabbath.” This book is historical fiction mixed with an element of sci fi and fantasy. The plot is: A monk is punished for sins against his monastery. He is imprisoned in a room and only given utensils to scribe with. During this agony of working day and night he cries out for relief. Magically the pages of the book comes to life and sucks the monk into the book. The monk becomes the book – The Codex Gigas – which means BIG BOOK. When the other monks realize that the ostracized monk is missing they find the BOOK completed with its pages elaborately scribed. The Monk has become the book and the book contains his soul. – Dale Thompson


I’m in the process of finishing it up and it is amazing! A thrilling ride of fantasy and science fiction. Once you start you wont want to stop!


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