Shattered Images

(Draumr Verge Part II)

I understand now what it must be like for those that have gone mad.  My very first thoughts when it happened was “I must be going mad

My second reaction was to turn toward heaven and call out for deliverance. I thought that the devil himself was tormenting me. I had always been taught that anything that did not align with what the church had told me was of the devil. When the veil between the two worlds started to tear and I was caught in-between the two realities, I thought I was possessed, I prayed it not to be so. I wanted to be mad instead. I screamed till my voice was hoarse but only silence answered me.

I thought the best recourse was to admit that I had simply gone mad. I could then at least endure the images and voices with simple ignorance. However, the bliss that should have accompanied the ignorance eluded me. I knew the truth of the matter. I was not mad, nor was I damned, I was simply awakening to the truth. The veil was ripping and the two worlds merging as one. I could no longer tell which one was reality and which one was the dream. They waged a war against my mind and my senses , both struggling for dominance. The resulting landscape before me was forever altered, shifting like sand from one reality to another, a twisted dream that had no beginning and no end.

A moment of clarity presents itself amidst all the chaos. I can see the worlds suspended before like windows looking into time and space. The answer is there, I just need to find it, or is it the question that I am suppose to find. As quickly as it appears the clarity disappears. Once again I am thrust forward into a world of chaos, though I feel this time I have a guide, a purpose. This purpose is to find the question as well as the answer hidden right before me.


The mansion just appears before me.

One moment I am at work sitting at my desk,the next I’m standing in the threshold of a large entrance way. It’s carved stone archway is intricately overlain with vines and stags and all assortments of forest creatures. The keystone of the arch is a sinister looking gargoyle that seems to breathe and stare directly at me. I blink and the gargoyle appears statuesque once again.

I slowly walk through the archway….

(To Be Continued.. The Mansion (Draumr Verge – Part III)

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