Author Spotlights

Two Authors that I highly recommend.


“Raising Hell: Christianity’s Most Controversial Doctrine Put Under Fire” by Julie Ferwerda

And “The Calling – A voice in the Dead Woods” by Jacob Israel.

Once these are done Ill post them here. And I hope they will be something that everyone can can get something out of.

I know Jacob’s book is amazing. It’s bursting with truth and insight. It’s a great read that keeps you on the edge of  your seat from page one. Jacob is an amazing author with great talent and powerful insights. He gives you straight answers with uncompromising conviction and humor. Jacob is unashamed of what he believes as well as what he has endured in life. He shares openly all that he has learned and the calling is a journey that takes you deep into that well of  knowledge and experience. I’m gonna read it one more time ( which makes it “4” times now)!

Julie is an amazing talent from what I have read of her articles and blog. She has a heart of gold that she lays open for all to see in hopes that she will help someone else along way. I can not wait to read her book.

For now I’ll leave you with links to both their blogs. You can spend hours learning and gain great truths at both these great author’s sites.


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