The Calming of the Storm

I sat in silence just thinking over all that I had seen. All that I heard and experienced echoed in my soul. I felt as if a burden had been lifted from my shoulders. I looked around and still saw the storm clouds above me. I looked over the darkened and barren wasteland around me. I turned to the lord, but this time I felt a peace in my heart.

“I expected this all to simply go away instantly, but now I know the storms serve a purpose. And when this storm departs another will eventually arrive.” I sighed as I looked over the barren wasteland.  The lord nodded and started to walk down a small narrow path that I hadn’t seen till he had started to walk down it. I followed and I could feel a warm moist breeze slowly start to gently blow across the path. We turned a corner and walked out upon a crystalline beach. The storm clouds above parted and the setting sun shimmered across the still waters. We stood in silence side by side watching the setting sun as it dipped below the distant mountains.

“Look behind you.”  His voice was soothing and comforting. I knew what was behind me but I felt no fear this time.

“I don’t want to… nothing back there is worth looking back for” I gazed at the still waters in front of me and noticed the green pasture just off in the distance on the beach’s edge.

“I want you to see”  He turned and motioned for me to look back.

I looked back and saw the darkness gathered up on the rocky ledge. The jackal was pacing back and forth frothing at the mouth but unable to proceed any further. The murder of crows swarmed in and out of the dark clouds above the ledge. Their cry’s and mocking were silent as was the thundering boom of the thunder and lighting cascading across the distant storm’s edge. I turned back to the still water and then slowly headed toward the green pasture ahead. I looked to the Lord walking next to me, a smile crossed his face but he said nothing.

“They will always be behind me hiding in the storms.” My heart was calm and it was at peace for the first time. It wasnt a question as much as it was a statement.

“Yes, you cannot change the fact that they exist, nor can you deny the fact that it is your choice to choose what you listen to. You can either listen to my voice and seek after me or listen to them. Either way I am always present within you. You can react with either fear and hatred or react in love and patience. Every storm serves a purpose, it refines you and molds your character. Some storms are actually created by you and your actions others are merely trials sent to direct you when you have lost your way.” The lord motioned for me to sit as we entered into the green pasture. I sat down and closed my eyes and let the warm breeze was over me.

“Rest now my child, and remember that the next storm may come at any moment, but rest in the peace I have given you that you will be able to weather the next storm with much more ease then before.” The lord’s voice faded as I drifted off  into a child like sleep.


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