The Jackals Cry

I did my best to follow but I still stumbled as my eyes kept looking to the raging storm. He was patient with me. Silently he waited and when I didn’t return my gaze upon him, he gently laid his hand on my shoulder.

“This way”  His words were soft and barely audible above the raging winds. If I listened I could hear him clearly but only when I was truly following him.  We arrived upon a large ledge overlooking the grey and darkness filled land. I looked around and saw the raging storm clouds and boiling darkness.

“I don’t understand.. I thought we were going home to rest ?” I looked around I could see the storm and feel the wind. At that moment I heard the jackals shrill cry echo across the land. My mind started to panic and I could feel the fear and anxiety starting to rush back in.

“You are home… this is your home but you have destroyed it”  The sadness in his voice was evident as he sighed looking around at the darkness

“I don’t understand… this place is not my home, it can’t be”  I stumbled over the words but I knew it was true. Slowly, as I looked around I could see the ruins of  places I knew and loved. I fell to my knees as a sense of hopelessness rushed over me. How could I have done this? How could I have not known? What was the point now?

“Dont fear we can rebuild it… cleanse it and wash away the darkness.” His voice was soothing and I could feel the pain in his voice. My pain mattered to him. He felt it just as I felt it. The weariness flooded over me and I was afraid of what would happen next, my mind was fixated on the fear.

“What about…” My voice failed me. I couldn’t bring myself to ask the question. I feared the answer more than the actual question.

“That is my responsibility not yours. I will heal and restore all that I have willed for you in your life.” The words touched my soul but some how I couldn’t accept them. I felt unworthy.

“Trust me and believe the promises I have for you” As he said that the Jackals cry echoed loudly from behind us.

The fear struck my heart and I felt as if  my world was crumbling around me. I turned and saw the Jackal face to face. The blood-red eyes looked right at me as his fangs dripped with saliva. He slowly approached me circling me. I was struck with a paralyzing fear. I went to draw my swords but I had left them behind. I was defenseless. I had nothing to defend myself with and I felt the fear grip my heart. This was the end I would not survive this battle. I had done all that I could, but nothing had prevented this battle. I felt a sense of hopeless fall over me I simply fell to my knees. I wanted it to end quickly but the jackal continued to circle me. I could feel his hatred and hot breath against my neck. I looked to find the lord, but I couldn’t see through the haze of fear and dread within me.

“I give up… I tried and nothing I have done makes a difference.” I meant the words, I couldn’t find the strength to move. I couldn’t move forward to enter the battle. I simply waited. The end would come soon. The jackal would win and maybe then I wouldn’t feel anymore at all.

“You fear the Jackal… Your fear is what fuels his rage.” His voice was soft and all around me. I looked up but couldn’t find him

“Yes” That was all I could say. I was weak and I had little to offer in response. The feeling and darkness started to grow and I knew it was merely moments before I would simply cease. Or so I hoped. I was afraid though, All I could think was the Jackal would prefer to keep me alive to simply taunt  and destroy me slowly.

“When will you learn? When will you see the way I see?” The sadness in his question pierced through my heart. I looked up and saw the Jackal pounce. I waited and time seemed to freeze. I saw the Lord reach out and grab the Jackal by the neck. It twisted and thrashed about as if the lords mere touch burned it.

“Watch” His voice rang clear through out the darkness. I watched fixated on the Jackal. As I watched it slowly started to transform. Within moments what I saw shot through me like a bolt of lightning. The Jackal was no longer a Jackal but a man. The man looked at me and our eyes locked. I noticed then I was staring directly into my own eyes.

“Now you see..” The lord’s voice whispered softly.

“We’ve just begun rebuilding… I will finish what I have begun and It will be a good thing…. you need to simply let me fight the battle for you…”


2 thoughts on “The Jackals Cry”

  1. This the follow up post to waywardchild — As I’m writing it I’m starting to see a series of these short series starting — not sure what Im gonna do with this…. Hmm maybe im seeing a new book one way off from my normal style

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