Am I an Author or a Storyteller ?


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The question always begs for a long and drawn out answer.  In short, the answer is I am a storyteller. I would rather tell you a story over trying to convince you on the merits of one form of theology over another. I would rather tell you a story instead of writing an essay on politics. As a storyteller I can simply tell you how I see the world and leave it at that. I see stories everywhere I look. The bird singing in the tree outside my window, the congested thruway or in the majestic setting of the sun. I see stories and tales, parables, lessons and journeys. The things I see around us remind me of the things I have forgotten or lessons I have learned. I transform them into stories because stories can teach us and show us things in ways that our mind and soul can understand more then our intellect ever could. Stories speak to the heart they comfort the mind and they touch our souls. This is why I prefer to call myself a storyteller, this is the realm I live in.

We close our eyes to the world around us in so many ways. We narrow our focus and wonder why we are taken by surprise when the winds of change come howling through our little valley of life. We always look to others before we look at ourselves. Our pride and ego stand in the way of showing us that our battles are not against those around us. We fail to see that they are within us in the form of our fears and struggles. The outside battles are merely reflections of the struggle and lose inside of us. I try to at least always keep this in mind when I’m writing or telling a tale as I see it. You may not find hidden treasure or vast storehouses of knowledge in what you hear in my tales, but I do promise you will see the world a bit differently when its all said and done.  As I have always stated in many other articles my goal is to get you thinking.

With that in mind I want to tell you what the story behind the story is in my Novel Wintersbane  Chronicles – Ancient Darkness.

Ancient Darkness is about demons, angels, dragons and self proclaimed gods bent on dominating and ruling the lesser mortal races in the form of gods. A holy war  has emerged that has enshrouded the entire world in darkness and fear. A small group of characters has been called forward to represent the one true god and bring light back to the world. While this small band of heroes struggle against the darkness they themselves have to first conquer their own inner demons as well.  The holy wars have given power to ancient forces that now  use and manipulate religion to enslave.

Lets start at the beginning with the onset of creation. The time of formless void when the creator walked across the deeps of the world….


There was a time, well before the earliest histories when all was as it should be. Shadora itself   was a paradise untainted and pure. The firstborn lived in harmony with the lesser races as caretakers and guardians. The Creator himself was pleased and took pleasure in all that he saw. However the destroyer came and soon set forth to rule over all.

The Shamari long held as the most favored of all the caretakers and guardians were the first to fall. The dragons that had allied themselves with the Shamari also followed in their wake. Both races were shattered by corruption and sought to rule over all of Shadora instead of care for and guide it. Their corruption and zealous lust for power led them to bow on bended knee before the destroyer himself. They rested all their hopes in the promise of becoming gods.

The creator and his army of loyal Shamari went to war against the corrupted. The war was short lived and the dragons and corrupted Shamari defeated. Those that had given themselves over to corruption and false promise of godhood by the destroyer were banished and cursed.

The once favored of all was now shunned and cast forever into a land of darkness. The Shamari and the dragons would never enter again into the paradise they had lost.

Soon a dark time settled across Shadora and its people suffered greatly. The lesser races waged war amongst themselves as the struggled for dominance over each other. The darkness and the suffering increased even further as those still faithful mourn for a new hope..

The Shamari forever cursed and bound in the land of their failure still cast an ominous shadow. The wastes of a once glorious past forever shadow the future of Shadora. The very things that had caused them to fall still live and thrive in the world. They are not flesh and blood that can be conquered, but instead an ideal, a way of thought that breeds forever in the darkest reaches of mortal souls.

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