Ancient Darkness – Character Profile – Rastain Monsaic

Rastain is one of the focal characters in the series.  The above drawing was a fan pic drawn by Mylene Buldoc several years ago.  Rastain is what is commonly referred to as a “half-breed” in most fanatasy stories. Usually this term is derogatory in nature by most charaters. In most cases the character suffers emotional and  sometimes physical distress over the course of their lives. They are the target of bigotry and fear. Usually raised by one race or the other they become the target of ridicule and suspicion. This is the norm in most fantasy stories.

Rastain is of half dark elf and half human descent. He was raised in a small village by his mother. The small village was a mix of both elven and human refugees from the raids and wars that ravaged the area.

Instead of writing out his entire biography, I felt it would be a much better read if I posted excerpts from the novel that specifically touch on Rastain’s heritage-

Chapter 2: –  Ancient Darkness – Excerpt

The old man slowly stood and headed off back down the road a bit before he stopped and looked back at Rastain.

“Would you mind accompanying me to the next village?”

“Of course if it’s too much trouble.” The old man grinned and winked in a knowing manner.

Rastain really didn’t want to accompany the old man to the next village. However, he was meeting a friend in the village anyways. He sighed as he reluctantly agreed.

“Sure, of course I’ll accompany you. I’m actually headed there to begin with”

“Well then. Thank you kindly. Maybe you could drop the hood of your cloak so I could at least get a gander at what my travel companion looks like. Don’t want to be stuck traveling with a deformed monster or demon in disguise now do I?”

Rastain smiled as he let the hood of his cloak fall off and ran his hand through the front of his hair, an old habit from his younger days. As he did he revealed his slightly pointed ears.

“Ah mixed blood… very well that will have to do. And I’m guessing you’re a ranger as well. Hmm… mistook you as a warrior at first… but then the pooch should have given it away I guess. Hmm… maybe I am getting a bit old after all… Well my names Paligar Griffinwind. And yours?”

“Rastain Monsaic”

Paligar grabbed Rastain’s hand and shook it vigorously.

“Well nice to meet you Rastain.”

The Next excerpt show’s how unaffected and settled with his own heritage Rastain really is.

Chapter 5 Book II: –  Ancient Darkness Excerpt

Copper completely forgetting what he was talking about turned to face Rastain grinning from ear to ear.

“Sure… you need me to scout the lands? Or wait I know … I know… travel deep in to the recesses of the under world and retrieve an ancient and valuable weapon or treasure.” Copper was so excited he could barely keep on one subject for more then thirty seconds. Rastain couldn’t help but grin for a second as he imagined sending the changeling deep into the bowels of the underworld. The changeling would most likely bore and annoy the death out of the great destroyer himself.

“I want you to go find Sid… and once you find him stay with him till I call… think of it as scout training.”  Rastain smiled as he noticed the large grin on the changelings face. Copper said nothing which was a miracle in itself as he ran off.  Rastain smiled and chuckled as he noticed copper creeping from barrel to barrel or rolling on the ground from hut to hut as he looked for Sid.

He turned as he heard Saleena laugh as well.

“I find it amazing that you let a changeling travel with you.”  She smiled as she watched the changeling.

“Why’s that?” Rastain asked with perplexity. Changelings could be annoying and a nuisance but he never would dream of preventing one from traveling with him.

“The Erahaim have deemed all non-human races as unfit and unclean. Most people simply avoid the other races for fear of persecution.” Her smile faded as she looked at Rastain and noticed for the first time the slight point of his ears.

“I’m sorry…. I didn’t notice at first that you were…”

“Half Elven?”

“I’m half dark elf to be specific, but I would not worry about it. I was not offended in anyway.” Rastain smiled as he interrupted her. Most half-elves were sensitive or emotionally torn because of their heritage. A by product of environment or heritage was always debated by most scholars. The fact of his mixed blood had never been an issue for Rastain. He had accepted who he was and made no excuses for those things he could not change.



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