What’s the point ? I dont know you tell me.

I have for some time realized that no matter what I do, say or think it will be criticized, ignored or flat out ridiculed. The however to this is I have slowly come to realize I dont care as much as I use to about it. If you can think and believe what you do, so can I and I’m slowly getting that to stick inside my head.

The other day I realized that it doesnt matter what you say to some people they will remain stuck in their view of the world and way of thinking. They will simply tell you, you are “<insert comment here>”. It’s the one thing I know gets me goin, telling me that I am something that I full well know I am not.  If you follow this up with insisting on your own way no matter what the cost to those around you, well then you have completely fired me up.

I know I have never learned the whole point of “sticks and stones”. I just hate someone tellin me I’m closed minded for example when they themselves are sticking to a point and are just flat out telling you, yours means nothing. In my mind that just screams “hypocrite”. I just growl and sadly sometimes I go on the attack, but I’m learning to simply walk away.

Now I am not talking about the basic  “your stupid” name calling type stuff. That stopped bothering last year ( hehe). I’m talking about the “I am going to impose my will on you and force you to see my point of view” type of attitude. Whats the point? In the end no one is convinced and what’s gained? A boost to your ego? A emotional pat on the back?

I think that for most people its caused by past experience, immaturity in some cases and in other cases you simply hate that person so much that you will attack anything and everything they have to say just to simply elevate yourself above them. When it’s all said and done though, nothing has been gained.

It’s best to simply be silent and let it pass. I know for myself its a moment by moment journey. I use to think it was a day by day journey to change who you are. The truth of the matter is, we live in the moment so its a moment by moment battle. To say otherwise is to put your hope in a tomorrow that may never come, and fester on a past that has since faded and no longer exists.

Pro 17:28

Even a Fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise; When he shutteth his lips, he is esteemed as prudent.


2 thoughts on “What’s the point ? I dont know you tell me.”

  1. After much thought I believe your title “what&#8217s the point ? i dont know you tell me. &…” font size does not fit well on my web browser, (I just wanna inform you) but maybe it’s my windows 98 system that is causing a problem otherwise that you’ve got a hot site.

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