Just in the nick of time….

Excerpt 1 –  Sometimes our answer’s come in the nick of time.. or so the saying goes. Azzorrian can attest to that fact in more ways then one.


“Damn I can’t hold them all off myself.” He was frustrated and angry at the same time. He could feel his own energies draining and soon he would be too tired to cast any further spells. As if in answer to his dilemma he heard the excited yip of Sid and then the wolves piercing howl. He looked and saw Sid standing on a rock silhouetted against the night sky at the clearings edge. As he looked he saw another silhouette emerge from the mists. Rastain charged forward firing a barrage of arrows in to the Uttar.  A large group of Uttar broke off and ran to meet Rastain’s charge. Rastain responded by drawing his two swords and meeting them head on Sid right at his side.

“Battle! Blood! Bane!”  Rastain’s battle cry echoed off the mountain side.


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