Back from my time off – New rants and musings to consider

Well I’m back from a time off from writing and updating etc. So where to begin?

I guess I’ll start with this thought. I’m not a big fan of the social network websites like facebook and myspace. They serve a purpose and do allow you the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and family. The problem is they are so much work! I mean you have to log in and feed your fish and raise crops and then kill mobsters and help your friends feed their fish and give them nails to build a barn or a gazebo. Ok I dont do those things but I get daily updates on all my friends doing these things. I also get lovely updates about my little brother becoming a fan of snickers or pop tarts about twelve times a day.

So awhile back I posted this on facebook and felt it needed further discussion. Everyone of us has heard the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words…” or something to that effect. Many of us have been told or led to believe that pictures will always tell you more then words will. In some ways this is true, simply because people lie and say what they think others want to hear on a daily basis. I believe pictures lie just as much maybe even more so then we think. At this point someone is saying well of course havent you heard of the phrase “dont judge a book by its cover”?

 Yeah more cliche’s and church sign wisdom.

So I took my own “church sign wisdom” and posted this.
From my my facebook page:
“A picture is worth a thousand words. Thats as bunch of crap. A picture is merely a snapshot of ones life, but we look at it and go ahhh they must have a happy life , just cause some one said “smile and say cheese”.The picture is taken and the moment is over then real life sets in. Sit an talk with someone and learn their real life story then look at those happy pictures and see if you think what you once thought”.

When we look at a picture we add what we think or perceive in our minds to the image. Take for example my comment above. You see a friends picture on facebook all happy and smiling with their husband or wife. You instantly think “ahh they look so happy..” or “I wish I was that happy in my relationship”. The problem with this kind of thinking is you dont know the whole story. You are looking at an instance in time that is incomplete. The history and real life of the person is unknown.

So what’s my point? Besides simply ranting and rambling?  Simple my point is take the time to listen and really understand people. Look beyond the pictures and look beyond the words. See the lives of the people around you and truly see them as God see’s them. Maybe you will understand a little more about them and why they do the things they do and most important you may learn something about yourself in turn.


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