Do we really believe what we say we believe?

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I would have to say that half of us do not really believe what we say we believe. I think we spend to much time trying to please other people by simply agreeing with the majority. If we really believe something it shouldn’t matter what others think or say about it or about us.

How many sit in main stream churches day in and day out listening to what is being preached and deep down inside they do not agree? I’m not talking about faith in God but in the doctrines and teachings of the main stream church. Agree or disagree everyone has sat in church and thought ..

“Huh that makes little to no sense”
“Ok now they really a stretching that verse beyond all recognition.”

I could go on, but I wont. Simply stated we have all come to a point at one time or another when we have been confronted with this. Most of us have been taught to never question our pastor or the church. It has been ingrained into our heads that they are the anointed ones of God called to serve him by him and they are his voice. Questioning the church is paramount with heresy. It’s a bunch of crap if you believe that.

Even if they are called they are still men and women taught by men and women. Prone to sin and pride and no more righteous and holy then you or me. Let’s remember that God called many and many in the bible failed and or screwed things up..

Dont believe me? Read the story of David and King Saul … Saul anointed as the King and in the end God rejects him and anoints another… The point ? Just cause they say they are anointed doesnt make it so .. and when they are anointed by God its not a guaranteed pass to infallibility.

Verify everything by studying for yourself …. Not just reading the verses but really studying … Look back to the original greek words look to the context of whats being said.. Look at the who what and when … there are lots of great guides for how to study scripture so I wont get into all the detail of that here.

2Ti 2:15 Give diligence to present thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, handling aright the word of truth.
Act 17:11 Now these were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of the mind, examining the Scriptures daily, whether these things were so.

Yup I used two proof verses there — just like most sermons we hear today – a few select verses scattered amongst the text to support what ever dribble is inbetween.

As always I’ll point you to the scripture and tell you figure it out for yourself. Challenge and question and settle it in your mind.

If you simply believe out of fear or ignorance then you dont believe it all. God is not fooled and if you just play lipservice to certain doctrines and traditions of man in the church because the church says it’s true — what value is it .

I’ll leave you with this small piece from my novel ( Yes its a shameless plug) …

Raziel remained with his arms crossed leaning against the tree. This wasn’t the first time he encountered a demon and he knew it wouldn’t be his last. He assumed that Galleon and the rest were on their knees bowing in reverence. He respected his men and valued their lives but at times he felt like they were more fools then soldiers. He sighed as he looked at the demon.
“Kzran… I assume?” Raziel had no real care for the demon’s name but it was better then just saying “hey you” all the time.
“Lord Kzran to you…”
“What ever…” Raziel countered.
He could careless about this demon’s title and he refused to call it Lord as well.
“Tell me Erahaim why do you not bow to me?”
“Am I not the emissary and servant of your god?”

Kzran needed to test this knight even further. If he was to succeed he needed to be sure that he could completely use this one to betray both his god and his world.
“I’m here as ordered.”
“It’s my understanding I was to receive new orders.”
“You were to deliver them since this place…” Raziel pointed to the mists beyond, dismissing it with a wave of his hand.
“Was considered a vital junction point at this time…” Raziel wasn’t really convinced that the wastes were important. The messenger at the garrison had instructed him to go to the Shamari wastes and await further orders, so he obeyed. The seal had been authentic and the second seal of the war marshal indicated that this was also a vital military mission.
Kzran’s eyes narrowed as he studied the knight. He would have to push this one a bit further and use him secretly. The orders had been to head to Perala with a contingent of Shamari and garrison the city. Mundane and simple orders, but Kzran had better plans, ones that would ensure the artifact became his and his alone. In the process he would take care of the watcher and his guardians as well.
“I see you are merely a rogue, a mercenary that is only following orders, devoid of any faith in your god. You are not even loyal to him are you? You serve only yourself as long as it fits into the grand scheme of what you call life… have I missed anything?”
Kzran waited, if this knight was what he needed then his reaction and answer would be all he needed to know.
“Judge me as you see fit. I have no cares one way or another. What I have faith in or don’t have faith in is simply my concern and no one else’s.” Raziel answered with mild disinterest. He couldn’t even begin to recount the times he’s been down this road in the past.
Kzran knew this knight was exactly what he needed only one question remained in the demons mind.

“Ah… but answer me this knight. Are you not compelled by Lord Aldus himself to prove your faith and loyalty to him?” The question was simple. The answer was the deciding factor. A zealot would recite the Erahaim doctrine and take offense at being challenged. Kzran looked to the knights reverently bowing on bended knee behind Raziel. The knight’s heads were bowed. They looked nervous, as if they feared the answers that their leader would give. Kzran chuckled as he looked to Raziel confidently leaning against the tree with his arms crossed. There was no reverence or fear in this Erahaim. He was either arrogant or confident in his fate.
The knights saw nothing out of the ordinary with his questions they assumed it was routine questions to establish the faith of those present.
“No… I have no need to prove to any man or demon what I do or do not believe. Only those that need to convince themselves feel compelled to such actions.” Raziel wasn’t sure what the demon was getting at. This type of questioning had nothing to do with military orders, if it was an inquisition it was a waste of time in his mind.

As always – I simply bring this to light simply to get you thinking and studying on your own. Come to your own conclusions and be settled within yourself as to what you believe and dont believe… remember ultimately its between you and God alone…


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