The everyday common things

It’s the everyday common things that we forget to stop and consider. We are always striving to find happiness and meaning in life. We always think one day I’ll be happy.
“If only I got the better job”
“If only I had that house I always wanted”
“If only I..

“If only”, the most damaging of all phrases that anyone can embrace. What this does is it mentally prepares us for unhappiness and failure. Nothing is never good enough and we forget the common things in life. Happiness is found in the common everyday things that we take for granted.

The laughter of our children.
The loving embrace of the person we love.
The very fact that we are alive another day.

I could go on and on listing the common things that are truly blessings in our lives that we simply ignore. How many times have we taken for granted our children, spouses, girlfriends, friends and family?

We all have problems, worries and anxieties that seem to overwelm us and drag us down. Storms that seem to well up suddenly and toss us about like a piece of wood washed up on the shore of some lost and forgotten island. We get so wrapped up in the things that are going wrong in life that forget to see the larger picture. Problems will come and they will go. Just like a storm they come roaring in and disappear just as fast. They leave behind a wake of devastation and ruin. We are left to pick up the pieces and try to rebuild again. The next storm comes roaring in destroying that which we so painstakingly had started to rebuild leaving us wondering why and raging with clenched fists at night sky. We blame God or deny him all together.

Where do we find the release and help we need? Some have tried religion thinking they are turning to God. They only end up finding out that they feel as if he’s farther away then he was before. That’s cause we are trying to please him on our own strength through our own actions. We try to add to Christ’s death and salvation on the cross through human means. We forget that he was there all along right beside us. Suffering with us, holding us as our souls cry and our hearts bleed.

“But you don’t understand…”

Of course I don’t, your problems affect you differently then they would me. The same is true for my problems and how they would affect you. The one thing that doesn’t change is that God has and is and will be there through it all. The problem is our expectations. We expect God to act and respond in a certain way for a certain situation. All we end up doing is creating an Image of God that doesn’t truly reflect who he is. God knows what we must endure and what we most not endure. Somethings are for our own good, even though they are painful. In the end they are designed to bring him glory through us and our lives. Our weaknesses and failings and strengths.

The common everyday things are designed to show us that he is still in control and that life does have meaning and purpose. The meaning and purpose though is not aways what we expect it to be. If we could just sit back and look at life through God’s eyes we would simply fall to our knees and thank him endlessly for his grace and mercy. Stop and look around. Really look around and see that God is everywhere.

The lyrics of the song you just listened to… Slowly and quietly touching your heart. A line or phrase that makes you think. The gentle breeze that lightly caresses your cheek as you stand watching the sun set. The person that smiled at you as you walked through the door to grocery store. The gentle touch of your dog as they lay their head on your lap. Completely content on being there with you regardless of what you are or have done. Unconditional love that reflects the heart of our creator.

The sleeping child content and peaceful. They trust and believe with all their heart that in the morning Mom or dad will be there. Hope held on to and clung to like a precious gem. That innocent faith and trust that seems to get lost eventually as the harsh winds of life come roaring through suddenly one day.

We dont realize what we have till its taken from us. I urge you to look around and open your eyes to life and all that is around you. God lives in the common everyday things that we simply need to become more aware of…


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