We are flawed so God Winks…

What kind of title is that ? I know that’s what anyone reading this most likely is thinking. Which is very good my job here is done then… end of post


OK.. so its not the end of the post. My weak attempt at humor but not the end of the post. Actually its a combination of the titles of the last two books I read.

Flawed by Design – By Martin Zender

When God winks at you – By Squire Rushnell

Neither one of these books is related in anyway as far as topic is concerned but put together it created a very interesting way of thinking about things for me.  I’m the kind of person that has always desired to read and study things. The more I studied something the more I wanted to know about it from all sides. 

So this is not a book review persay. I stink at that kind of thing, instead its mainly my thoughts and impressions when combining these two books into one line of thinking on the subjects as it pertains to my life and way of thinking. So take this for what it is.

Lets start with the basic summary of each book.

Flaw by Design – Think your sins are ruining God’s plan for your life? Think again.
Here’s a link to the back cover of Martin’s Book  Flawed by Design.

I’ll let you follow the link instead of me writing it all out simply to give credit where credit is due.

Now lets look at Squire’s book –

 When God winks at you – A surprising answer to prayer comes at just the right moment. Could God be showing you that He cares about the details of your life? Best-selling author SQuire Rushnell says these silent little miracles are godwinks. 

Here’s a link to the summary of this book – When God Winks at you

Ok each author has gotten his link and their own words about the books – remember I said this isnt a review of these books.

So here I am standing at work looking at the pond in the middle of the business complex on my break, enjoying the sun and the breeze thats stirring over the pond. The geese are milling about at the waters edge, doing what geese do ( being annoying and pooping more then should be physically possible). My attention is drawn to the island in the middle of the pond, which is really just a chunk of rock and dirt with some weeds and what I think is grass. And the phrase pops in my head “we are flawed so God winks…”


I think about it for a bit and a smile crosses my face. We are flawed no one can argue that, most silently agree. Some will argue and say well its our “duty” or “cross to bear” to rid ourselves of these flaws and press on to “perfection”. I wont get into all the debate over the theological points and counter points to those doctrines and how each different denomination of christianity plays those out. That’s not my intent here. Instead its to simply get you thinking about these things and hopefully spur you on to searching out the answers for yourself. I will however point you to a few things to get you thinking for yourself and questioning as well.

 Every person in the bible was flawed, a sinner full of sin and far from perfection. David, Abraham, Paul, Peter, etc. Everyone of them sinned and sinned and well sinned. Never did any of them reach perfection, nor did they beat themselves up over what they did. Maybe its cause they knew this to be true —

(Pro 24:16 ASV)
For a righteous man falleth seven times, and riseth up again; But the wicked are overthrown by calamity.

In the end though God moved them to great things and used them in great ways. Was it depsite there sins and or weakness or because of  them ?

(2Co 12:9 ASV)
And he hath said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my power is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my weaknesses, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

Ok – I just used those verse’s not to prove a point but to get you thinking. If we cannot challenge the way we think and believe from time to time then we will never move forward to the place God has intended for us. It’s easy and its comfortable to say  ” I believe and know what I know because I was told so“.. Because what fun is there in learning it ourselves? Right?

Ok .. I got sidetracked- that’s cause I’m a storyteller by nature… Writing something like this tends to be scattered simply cause my mind wanders and says  “Hey !!!! Im over here!!! hello….. can we get back to fighting dragons? saving damsels? something??? Please!!!”

So now we are thinking ok God can still use me and work through me despite my flaws and weakness. It’s not that I’m this horrible person and God is disappointed in me but instead that he’s working through me to greater things because of those flaws and weakness. Ok so now we will stop there and move on. Martin can explain all the details of this better then I can and like I said this is merely my thoughts based on reading these books. And believe me the world in my head is a strange one so lets just move on before something happens.

I’ll pick this up in the next post – and hopefully it will be less scattered.. My intent in this post was to simply get you thinking about God and hopefully crack open the bible and give it a look see.


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